Archive of Past Interviews

Over the years, we've talked comics with lots of people, many of them creators who work on your favorite comics.  Sadly, many of these interviews were for the early print edition of our newsletter, Dragon's Breath, and have been lost to the vagaries of time.  Some are more recent and appeared on the early versions of

We've gathered as many of these interviews as we could find and archived them here.  Who knows?  Maybe one day we'll do more ... .

Mark Waid

Waid talks about The Kingdom (back when it was supposed to be an ongoing monthly series with art by Gene Ha and covers by Alex Ross) in our first known interview, from December 1996.

Phil Jimenez

Phil talks about his Tempest mini-series, becoming the regular artist on The Invisibles, and the influence of George Pérez's Wonder Woman in this chat from February 1997.

Terry Moore

Strangers in Paradise had just gone to Image (and full-color) when we conducted this interview in April 1997.

Grant Morrison

In our first "Comics Journal-length" interview, Morrison talks about The Invisibles, the meteoric rise of JLA sales, and how the world will cope with post-Millennium blahs.  All from a single interview on June 23, 1997.

Mark Millar

Millar talks at length about The Flash, Swamp Thing, Superman: Red Son (six years before it came out!), and how he'd like to write Superman Adventures some day.  The second of our "Comics Journal-length" interviews is from September 4, 1997.

Kurt Busiek

Just before Astro City went on hiatus, Kurt Busiek talked to us about his mini-Marvel-Renaissance on Avengers, Thunderbolts, and Iron ManDecember 1997.

Fred Perry

Will there ever be a Gold Digger OAV or video game?  How about some action figures?  GD creator Fred Perry talked merchandising with us in February 1998.

Roy Thomas

The third of our "Comics Journal-length" interviews.  Get comfortable as Roy reminisces about the halcyon days of Conan and explains why certain publishers have succeeded where others have failed.  From September 15, 1999.