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SWAMP THING #1 — Click for a Larger ImageSwamp Thing # 1

Just looking at the numbers for this week, it looks like a small week for comics — which is the perfect time to pick up a new title that you might not have given a chance otherwise.

What’s the best and brightest of the bunch this week? Why, it’s our old friend Alec Holland, the Swamp Thing! Or is it?

Swamp Thing (Vol. 4) # 1 hits the shelves this week, and it looks like this may be the best incarnation of the fan favorite muck monster since Mark Millar’s run on the book (back before anyone knew who the heck Mark Millar was). Written by Andy Diggle (Losers) and with art by Enrique Breccia (Batman: Gotham Knights and the recently released Lovecraft hardcover), this new book spins out of last week’s issue of Hellblazer, in which Alec Holland’s soul has been separated from the Swamp Thing. This means the Swamp Thing is likely to get out of control again, and guess who comes to stop him?  None other than Mr. John Constantine. This kind of tight, intertwining storytelling is what has really set DC above and beyond other publishers this year.

The story for the issue is quite good and looks like it will be faithful to the older versions.  There's enough focus on Swamp Thing’s continuity to please old fans, but a quick recap of the back story keeps new readers from becoming confused. The real “draw” (sorry, couldn’t resist) is the beautifully dark art by Enrique Breccia. Like his father before him, Breccia adds the depth and detail to horror art that gets lost more often than not. He’s definitely cementing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the comic world here.

If Swamp Thing Isn't Your Thing, Give One of These a Try

While Swamp Thing comes with my highest recommendation, don’t forget to check out these other titles starting this week:

G.I. JOE REBORN #1 — Click for a Larger ImageG.I. Joe Reborn # 1 is a one-shot leading up to the new series G.I. Joe: Reloaded written by John Ney Reiber. It’s basically an “Ultimate” version of the Joes, and if the G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn one-shot was any indication, it will be the best G.I. Joe series since the beginning of the ' 80s comics.

MARVEL AGE: SPIDER-MAN #1 — Click for a Larger ImageMarvel Age: Spider-Man # 1 is Marvel’s latest attempt to make comics for kids again — and I have to say that this very simplistic retelling of early Stan Lee and Steve Ditko stories really succeeds. But by successfully creating something kids will definitely enjoy, this book also alienates anyone over the age of 12. So, while I don’t know if it’s a great read for adults, you definitely want to pick this one up and take it home to your kids. They’ll love it.

ALPHA FLIGHT #1 — Click for a Larger ImageI don’t exactly know what to make of Alpha Flight (Vol. 3) # 1. The story is a funny little romp that follows Sasquatch as he tries to recruit super-heroes for the new Alpha Flight — and is turned down by everyone he asks? How will this all work out? Heck, I don’t know, but the mix of team members (if they ever decide to join up) will certainly make for a dynamic and funny read.

Captain America and Falcon # 1 is the much-anticipated return of Christopher Priest to the Marvel universe. (O.K., I know he hasn’t been gone that long, but he has quite a fan following who’ve been aching to get their hands on this book since it was announced.) In this issue, Captain America goes to Cuba to bring home a Falcon who has possibly gone rogue.

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