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FABLES #25 ó Click for a Larger ImageFables #25

Ye Olde Comics Manager has been really busy this week, and Ye Olde Webmaster is still playing a little catch-up, so this will be another shorter installment of "Tugís Pick of the Week."  But as before, this has no reflection on the amount of goodness coming your way via the new-release rack this Wednesday.  In fact, one of the reasons why Iím going to have to cut this one short is because there are so many good books coming out this week, I couldnít possibly give them all the propers they deserve.

But if I had to pick just one comic that everyone should read this week, it would be Fables # 25.  If you arenít familiar with this Vertigo book, then you should get yourself acquainted posthaste.  The book follows all of our favorite fairy tale characters, who have been chased out of their lands by the mysterious and evil power known only as the Adversary.  Now they reside in New York City, magically hidden from the view of normal people (ďmundiesĒ).

Writer Bill Willingham and artist Mark Buckingham have consistently kept this series entertaining and intelligent, and this anniversary issue finds the Fables gearing up for battle with the forces of the Adversary, who have found a way to follow the Fables into the real world.

Even if you havenít read the book before, this issue is a great one to try out ó while it is in the middle of a story, it has some of the best examples of the great characterization, humor, and sheer fun this series has to offer.  Case in point:  As an army of wooden soldiers (all completely identical, wearing matching black suits and armed to the teeth) march down a New York street, a man cries from a window above them, ďItís finally happened!  Itís the Young Republicans!Ē

If you want to get started on Fables from the beginning, itís easy.  There are three trades out right now, and we keep all of them in stock at the store.  Just ask one of our staff to set you up!

And if youíre not convinced yet ó head on over to Free-Times.com and check out my review of the first Fables trade.  Just scroll down to "Review Archives" and select "Vertigo Comics" from the book review menu.

Like I said, thatís all I have time for this week, but be sure to check out all these other goodies:  Ultimate X-Men # 45 (the first issue by Brian K. Vaughn), Teen Titans # 11, and The Pulse # 3!

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