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DC COMICS PRESENTS: BATMAN #1 — Click for a Larger ImageDC Comics Presents: Batman #1

This week’s "Pick" goes to DC Comics Presents: Batman # 1!  This book is the first in a weekly series of one-shots paying homage to the late, great DC editor Julie Schwartz.  If there was any one person who could be called the Father of the Silver Age of Comics, then Julie would be that man.  He created exciting new characters, did revamps of old characters, and came up with concepts that revitalized the industry.  One such device of Julie’s was the imaginative covers used to catch the readers’ eyes and draw them into the story inside.

With this in mind, DC has taken some of the most famous of Julie’s cover concepts and handed them over to today’s very best artists and writers.  There will be eight titles in all — that’s one a week for the next two months, for those keeping score — each containing two stories with two different takes on each classic cover.

The Original BATMAN #183 Cover — Click for a Larger ImageThe first of these tributes is DC Comics Presents: Batman # 1, with a cover by Adam Hughes that pays homage to Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella’s cover for Batman # 138.

In fact, DC has even gone so far as to get the art team of Infantino and Giella to draw the first story in the book, written by Geoff Johns.

The second tale is written by Len Wein with art by Andy Kuhn.

Both these stories are terrifically done — and if this issue is any indication, then the DC Comics Presents tribute books will be a series that any fan of DC Silver Age comics will want to have in their collection.

Here’s a complete list of the titles that will be included in the series:

  • DC Comics Presents: Adam Strange

  • DC Comics Presents: The Atom

  • DC Comics Presents: Batman

  • DC Comics Presents: The Flash

  • DC Comics Presents: Green Lantern

  • DC Comics Presents: Hawkman

  • DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America

  • DC Comics Presents: Superman

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