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You can now browse a new, special inventory dedicated exclusively to our web customers!   These books don't travel to conventions regularly, and you won't find them in the Mega-Store.  They're only here, at heroesanddragons.com!

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There's no better deal than our stock of over 75,000 comics at only $100 each!

Now you can order dollar comics from anywhere in the world!  Just select "Order $100 Comics," and an order window will pop open on your screen.  Fill in the information and submit your order — we'll send an electronic invoice and instructions for payment directly to your e-mail address!

What comics can you get for a dollar?  Basically, anything that's newer than 1980 and guides for less than $1500!

Most dollar books are in FN or better condition, but if you are willing to accept lower grades, you may have a better chance of finding deals on great books.


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