The Golden AgeJune 5, 2003 Meeting

The Golden Age
by James Robinson and Paul Smith

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Chosen by the membership of Comic Club, this month's reading is The Golden Age an Elseworlds epic about the lost years of superherodom between the end of World War II and the beginning of the Silver Age.

Writer James Robinson provides a compelling narrative that owes more to supsenseful noir than super-hero conventions.  Carefully re-examining the Golden Age of DC super-heroes, he bridges the gap between the naivete of 1940s super-heroes and the Cold War savvy of the Silver Age DC comics.  It's an Elseworlds tale (and not officially part of the DC canon), but you'll never be able to look at the DC Universe the same after you've read it.

(Robinson went on to create the long-running and critically-acclaimed Starman series based on concepts introduced in The Golden Age!)

The Golden Age features appearances by every major DC character of the era and some not-so-major characters who are thrown in as "Easter eggs."  For a handy online reference to DC's Golden Age characters, check out this great GeoCities web site.

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