Win FX 2003 Tickets

We're giving away one pair of tickets to the FX Toy Show to a lucky DRAGON'S BREATH reader.  To win, just answer these ten "really trivial trivia questions" and click "Submit" at the bottom of the form.

Chance are I'll award some sort of consolation prize to runners-up, so feel free to play just for fun.  I'll name everyone who gets the correct answers in a future issue of DRAGON'S BREATH.

A very special "thank you" to Laura Zalkin of the FX Show who donated the passes.


Can you go to the FX Toy Show in Orlando, Florida, on January 11-12?

Yes, I can go!  I'm playing to win!
No, I can't go I'm playing for fun and the chance of winning a consolation prize.

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Question #1: I referred to the list of 2003 "teasers" as "hints and allegations."  That came from a Paul Simon song I was listening to.  Name the song.
Question #2: The subtitle of that section of DRAGON'S BREATH was "In the Year Two Thousand Threeee-eee."  This is a reference to a bit of late night humor from what show?
Question #3: The sidekick on that late-night talk show has his own show now.  Name it.
Question #4: What is the LAST DAY of our New Year's Sale?
Question #5: In the pop-up ad for our New Year's Sale, who is the "celebrity shopper" racking up the savings? 
Question #6: Scott's been trying to get DC to publish a SPECTRE ARCHIVES for two years.  In March, he finally gets his long-awaited hardcover book.  Name one fact about the Spectre.
Question #7: Where in Orlando is the FX Toy Show held?  (Name the venue.)
Question #8: What other major convention is held in Orlando, just a few weeks after FX?  (Hint: This year's guests include Michael Rosenbaum, Dina Meyer, and Anthony Cistaro.)
Question #9: Which ex-Confederate DC Western character would make the coolest DC Direct toy?
Question #10: When are PREVIEWS orders for January due?