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Watch More Television   June 1, 2001

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No DRAGON'S BREATH for months, and now I'm bombarding your e-mailbox!  I know it seems strange, but there's an awful lot going on at H&D lately, and I don't want you to miss out!

So let's jump feet-first into a couple of news items, then I'll let you get back to your regularly-scheduled e-mail ... .


Starting this Saturday, June 2, we'll be urging you to watch a little more television.  That's right we're giving you express written permission to put down those games and comics for a couple of hours and vegetate in front of the tube.

Why?  Because this Saturday is the premiere episode of MR. MIKE'S COUCH-TIME MOVIE on our local Fox affiliate, WACH Fox 57.  If you're local to Columbia, South Carolina (or if you can pick up WACH's powerful signal through your antenna), you can tune in to a different movie every Saturday night, starting at 2:00am.  (O.K., technically it's Sunday morning ... .)  Think of it as a drive-in movie in your living room where Mr. Mike is the nosy proprietor who stops by to check in on you and your date at every intermission.

Mr. Mike is a long-time member of the H&D community  and a DRAGON'S BREATH reader!  His love for comics and kitsch rivals our own, and when he told us he'd be hosting the late-night movie on WACH, well we just had to horn in on the act.

We'll be sponsoring the first four weeks of MR. MIKE'S COUCHTIME MOVIE, and each week we'll be giving away a $50.00 shopping spree to the H&D Mega-Store!  That's four chances to win!  You can register only at the Mega-Store (not online) and only once.

Mr. Mike will draw a new winner each week and announce his or her name during the COUCH-TIME MOVIE.

This week's COUCH-TIME MOVIE is THE ROCKETEER, and Mr. Mike will be cutting in with taped footage from the Mega-Store.  See our staff as you've never seen them before!  (See me punched in the gut by a 10-year-old, astonished that Mr. Mike could talk me into it!)  And if you've been in the Mega-Store recently you may be seen on MR. MIKE'S COUCH-TIME MOVIE, too!

So brew that coffee or set those VCRs MR. MIKE'S COUCH-TIME MOVIE premieres tomorrow night (Saturday, June 2) at 2:00am.  Don't miss it!

(Also:  You may see our new TV commercial on WACH Fox 57 this week, during such shows as THE LONE GUNMEN, THE SIMPSONS, and MAD TV.  Keep an eye out!)


We'll be setting up at Heroes Con next weekend with our massive stock of $1.00 comics and and literal *truckload* of Golden Age, Silver Age, and CGC-certified books!

Heroes Con is at the Charlotte Convention Center next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (June 6-8).  Stop by and say "hello" to Chris, Tracy, and myself (Scott)!

(For more information, visit http://www.heroesanddragons.com/CalendarOfEvents/default.htm#HeroesCon.)

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