Some of the abbreviations you may see used here:

(A) Adult (Adults Only)
AF Action Figure(s)
ALT Alternate
ANN Anniversary
ANNIV Anniversary
ASST Assortment
BTVS Buffy the Vampire Slayer
COLL Collection
COMM Commemorative
CS Collector's Set
CT Count
CURR Current
CVR Cover
DF Dynamic Forces
DFE Dynamic Forces Exclusive
DH Dark Horse
DLX Deluxe
DS9 (Star Trek:) Deep Space Nine
ED Edition
EXC Exclusive
EXCL Exclusive
FCBD Free Comic Book Day
FFAC Final Fantasy: Advent Children
FIG Figure
FS Full-Screen
GN Graphic Novel
HC Hardcover
HTDM How to Draw Manga
IN Inch(es)
KOTOR (Star Wars:)
Knights of the Old Republic
LOEG League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
LOTR Lord of the Rings
MAG Magazine
MMPB Mass-Market Paperback
MR Mature Readers (Only)
NBX The Nightmare Before Christmas
NFS Not For Sale
(O/A) Offered Again
OFF Official
O/T Of The ...
OVA Original Video Animation
PI Please Inquire (about pricing)
PK Pack
PKT Pocket (Edition)
PRTG Printing
PRTNG Printing
PTG Printing
PX Previews Exclusive
(RES) Resolicited (from a previous month)
RTL Right-to-Left
S&N Signed & Numbered
S/N Signed & Numbered
SC Softcover
SER Series
SGN Signed
SIP Strangers in Paradise
SP Special (Edition)
SRDX Super Real Deluxe
SW Star Wars
TAS The Animated Series
T/C Trading Card(s)
TNG (Star Trek:) The Next Generation
TOS (Star Trek) The Original Series
TP Trade Paperback
TPB Trade Paperback
T/S T-Shirt
UMD Universal Media Disc
VAR Variant
VER Version
VOL Volume
W With
WMN Women's
WS Widescreen
WWLA Wizard World L.A. (Convention)
WWTX Wizard World Texas (Convention)

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