Meet DC Artists

In-Store Signing on Wednesday, June 12
4:00pm - 8:00pm

DC artists Sanford Greene and Greg Adams will be in the store this week to sign their brand-new books ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN # 604 (Sanford) and IMPULSE # 57 (Greg).  The two artists will be on hand all evening to gab about their experiences in the comics business.  If you're looking for pointers on your own art or if you just want to pick up some great signed books and meet the men behind the comics this is a great opportunity.


Sanford Greene & Greg Adams


In-Store Signing


Heroes and Dragons Mega-Store
by the "New Comics Wall"


Wednesday, June 12 (New Comics Day)
4:00pm - 8:00pm


Because you demanded it!

Sanford Greene has been a part of the Columbia comics community for a long time, working on such titles at Vineyard Press' A STRANGER'S TALE before landing gigs on SPYBOY and PLANET OF THE APES at Dark Horse.

Sanford is currently working on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN for DC Comics.

You can visit him online at

Greg Adams has been a vital part of the comics industry for the past ten years, working with a diverse range of pencillers on projects that are literally too numerous to list here! He is perhaps best known as the inker on Marvel Comics' THUNDERBOLTS, but his vast body of work also includes almost every Marvel Comics character!