ActoMan #1

Concept & Cover Art by Morgan Titus

What We Liked Best

ActoMan's design screams "comic book super-hero" — fun and asymmetrical, incorporating different elements of the classic super-hero and science-fiction hero outfits.

The cover shows ActoMan in several action poses, giving the readers a glimpse of what they might find inside the ACTOMAN comic book.  This style of cover tells us more about the character than a single image ever could.

The rocket in the background gives us a quick visual recap of ActoMan's story.  This is an outstanding visual story-telling tool, as it draws us into the story of the book from the very beginning!

The logo fits the science-fiction feel of the character — sleek, rounded edges that reflect modern design.  His helmet, circular emblem, and the circle in the background also reinforce the "modern" look of ACTOMAN.

(We liked ActoMan's emblem, too.)

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