The Grenade Crew #2

Concept & Cover Art by Dalton Hillfinger

What We Liked Best

This covers works the most like that of an actual monthly comic.  There's a primary logo, an issue number, and a UPC barcode.  There's even a story blurb on the cover ("The fall of the Shadowmind!") hinting at the story this issue may contain.

The characters themselves tell a story — just by looking at their outfits and stances, you can identify the Leader, the Planner, and the Mysterious Loner!

Speaking of characters, their designs are diverse and interesting-looking while still having a recognizable motif — the grenade emblem, which is also used in the logo.  Each character has a unique look, but they all sport the comic-book emblem and wear the same type of outfits (hooded sweatshirts).

GRENADE CREW also wins points for creativity by submitting a # 2 issue to the contest.  By implication, there's a # 1 out there somewhere, and this dramatic cover makes us want to know the backstory!

Way to go, Dalton — we hope you enjoy your prize pack!

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