Super Girl #1

Concept & Cover Art by Catherine Carlisle

What We Liked Best

You won't believe this, but the enitre cover is a collage!  It's made from different colors of tissue paper layered together to create the outlines of Super Girl and the Earth.

The main character's "costume" is fun!  She appears to be wearing jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, but she still distinguishes herself with a stylish "SG" on her cape.  Extra points for putting the logo off-center and to the inside of the cape, so that it can be seen in a head-on shot!

Several elements are repeated subtly on the cover — Super Girl's logo is the same color as her costume, and her top may even be a flower pattern like the one suggested in her logo!

And what's up with that cocky smirk, Super Girl?  Here's a character who knows we're going to pick up her new comic series!

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