The Teenage Hero #1

Concept & Cover Art by Casey Brayboy

What We Liked Best

Not every comic-book is a super-hero comic, and not every hero is a guy in tights who beats up on villains.  This entry takes the core concepts of the hero and boils 'em down to something that's more everyday and recognizable to the average person.  Casey obviously had her audience in mind when creating this comic cover!

The logo suits the cover — subdued, pastel, and deliberately fine.  It's a youthful logo, even the trim on the edges, which parallels the wood pattern on the Teenage Hero's bureau.

The overall cover incorporates three different types of images — a central figure done in pencil-and-ink, a photo pasted into the background, and a shiny piece of tinfoil for the mirror.  Unusual and eye-catching covers always help sell a comic book.

On a completely unrelated note, Casey Brayboy's name reminded us of Golden Age great Mac Raboy, who had a spectacular run on MASTER COMICS in the 1940s!

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