Halloween at
Heroes and Dragons

A very special thanks to everyone who participated in our Halloween Sale this year!  By wearing a costume into the store on new comics day, all these folks saved 10% on their Halloween purchases!

Now it's time to publicly embarrass them and celebrate the true spirit of Halloween!

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Catgirl by "Kitty" was our first costumed guest!

(No, not Catgirl from the forthcoming DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK!  Er, well — unless you want her to be!)

We missed out on Catgirl's companion,
Android 18 (Tasha George)!

Sorry, folks — no photo!

Even though we didn't catch his name, this dude made us a little nervous ...

... until Tyrone Brown showed up dressed as Blade and saved our sorry butts from the vampire threat.


Batman_Robin.jpg (103997 bytes)

Batman and Robin made a surprise appearance, but they've asked us not to reveal their secret identities.

As always, we've chosen to respect the wishes of these two upstanding crimefighters.

However, we do want to mention their costumes really rocked the house!  For more Batman and Robin, keep reading!

Hey, it's Ashley and Alex Burnside (children of our own games manager Ben Burnside)!

Ashley makes a fetching fairy princess, and Alex — well, I wouldn't tug on this Superman's cape ... .

You can always count on our regulars to come through when we need someone to show up in costume!

That's regular customer (and H&D alumnus) Gillian Wright leading the cheers for the ... Witches?!  (Are they in the SEC?)

And long-time customer Felecia Holley in her performance as another "Catwoman."  (What is it with girls and cats?) 

Speaking of performance art, Greg Somers took the Academy Award in his "Silent Bob" get-up!  He shopped suspiciously and didn't say a word the whole time, despite numerous compliments on his get-up.  When we rang up his purchases and gave him the 10% discount — he said "thanks."

(At least he didn't smoke anything in the bathroom ... .)

Check out Jessica Sawicki in her Kenshin garb!

It looks as if the future's in good hands with these two steely Batmen Beyond!  No, they didn't make into the store on Halloween, but Louis and Bradley Brown's costumes earned them an honorable spot on Heroes and Dragons' Halloween page!

Their younger brother Brooks is the evil genius Pumpkin Boy.

Scott and Stephanie Simon-Dack made an incredible Team Rocket!

Local science-fiction satirist Ron Baxley showed up as Tempus Fugit Greenmyn — from Ron's new book CYCLING THE MOON, now available at
Heroes and Dragons!

Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner — pfah!  Meet Sector 2814's newest Green Lantern, Mai Agullo!  (Thanks to Robert and Tanya, a.k.a. "Mom" and "Dad," for the great costume.)

Batman and Robin may have escaped with their secret identities intact, but not Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man.
He's really Edward Lemon Jr.!

How about a dash of fantasy and adventure in our costumes?  Here's Mike Porto in his pirate outfit (complete with swashbuckling red shirt!) ...

... and Rob Nagasaki as — um — I feel really stupid here — Ah, who are you, Rob?

If fantasy isn't your cup of tea, how about some good old-fashioned horror ?

Resident security expert Sam Owens showed up for work in this frightening outfit.  As if that weren't enough, he grabbed an axe right out of the prop room — yes, we have a prop room — and proceeded to threaten our good-natured games manager, Ben Burnside!  (Scott Simmons was threatened into helping him, Ben.  He didn't really mean to hurt you.)

You've seen him in countless movies and television commercials — It's the guy whose conscience in bothering him, as played by Chris Sims.  Chris's left hand is the divinely good "angel" puppet, while his left hand is the dastardly "devil" puppet.

(Er, no relation to Evan Dorkin's Devil PuppetTM.  Don't sue us, Evan!)

Do you remember martial-arts sensation David R. Bannon from our recent "Kung Fu Day" event?  Of course you do!*

That's him with his wife Lane and daughter Jesse!

* If not, just click the link!

H&D favorite Liz Shannon rounds out the costumed fun with her Halloween-y Batman ensemble!  Ben called her the Bat-Witch, but I certainly won't go there ... !

Oh, that's right!  We promised you more of Batman and Robin — and we aim to deliver!

Here's the Dynamic Duo foiling a crime right in our very own Mega-Store!  Special thanks to fiendish mastermind Jerry Bookter for attempting a crime in front of the Caped Crusaders!

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