Meet the "Monster Stock"

Over 70,000 bagged, in-order comics
for $1 each — all the time!

Remember the "Master Stock" &— that vast selection of bagged, priced, in-order comics that dwells in the back issue section of our Columbia Mega-Store?

Well, beginning this Saturday, June 24, they're all being repriced at $1.00 each all the time, and we're renaming them "the Monster Stock"!

The Monster Stock consists of over 70,000 comics, individually bagged and alphabetically sorted.  (That's over 200 long boxes of comics, as seen in the photo below.)  On top of that, the duplication in these boxes is low — there are no more than 2 or 3 copies of any given issue added to the stock at a given time.  As a result, the selection in these boxes is immense!

This is not a one-time event or sales promotion — this is a permanent change to our back-issue department.  We'll still have hot books, limited editions, and our special "writer's block" sections at full price (with the occasional discounts), but the Monster Stock will be our main stock from now on!

Why the change?  Quite simply, we have too many comics to groom and maintain them all individually.  Even with a staff of 4 to 5 people working on back issues, we just don't have time to look up every book in the price guide and put a sticker on it these days.  While we will still price and maintain the books that are most in demand, everything else is going to be offered at the simple price of $1.00!

So come on down this Saturday and check out the Monster Stock!  If you're not familiar with the Columbia area, click here for directions.