Been There, Done That

Archived Highlights from the 20th Century

We couldn't bear to part with these photos of our favorite events from the distant past (pre-1999), so we've archived them here.
   BATMAN AND ROBIN & Vineyard Press
Celebrating the premiere of the BATMAN AND ROBIN movie and the debut of A STRANGER'S TALE # 1, published by Columbia’s own Vineyard Press.
   "Chewbacca" from STAR WARS
In-store signing by special guest Peter Mayhew ("Chewbacca" from STAR WARS). Thanks to Mr. Mayhew for signing autographs and answering fan questions.
   Free Comic Giveaway Night
Free Comic Giveaway Night at Columbia Bombers Stadium. Free tickets offered at the H&D Mega-Store as part of our promotion for BATMAN AND ROBIN and South Carolina AAA baseball.
   STAR WARS Theatrical Screening
Photos from our exclusive screenings of the STAR WARS trilogy Special Editions -- including an appearance by Darth Vader and his entourage.
   SUPERMAN's Roger Stern
A special visit from SUPERMAN writer and Marvel Comics legend Roger Stern, around the time of the "Superman Blue" costume change.
   Midlands Comic and Toy Convention 1997
Featuring special guest Roy Thomas and the gang from Columbia's own Vineyard Press.
Roger Stern
shocks Chris with the debut of "Blueperman"
Peter Mayhew
("Chewbacca" from STAR WARS)
brought his own bodyguards to our in-store signing
Batman & Robin recruit a future Batgirl
Inform the troops!
Lord Vader has arrived at Heroes & Dragons
Batman & Robin enjoy a night at the ballpark, giving away free DC Comics
Roy Thomas (left) and Vineyard Press publisher Eric Woodard (right) were both on-hand for the Midlands Comic and Toy Show 1997