Welcome to the All-New, All-Different heroesanddragons.com!

We're glad you could make it.


To mark our second — or is it third? — year on the World Wide Web, we've rethought, retooled, and redeveloped our entire web site.  Those who've visited us here before can tell you:  This site is as different from the original as our Mega-Store (pictured at right) is from our original Charleston storefront!  In both cases, we're pleased with the change — and we hope you are, too.

Among the new features we've added is a direct link to our eBay auctions — and there are PLENTY of those going on right now.  Toy collectors, take note:  We're trying to clean out the warehouse in preparation for some spring additions to the toy department. That means we're finding lots of old toys and collectibles that simply have to go — and eBay is where they're going.  Keep an eye on our auctions — we've already sold some great stuff, and more is coming.

There's also a link to our brand-spanking-new message board — the H&D MegaPhone! Moderated by our own Brett Lord and hosted by the fine folks at Delphi.com, the MegaPhone is a place for you to drop in and chat with us.  Go there today to participate in our online comics poll — and start a thread of your own!

An up-to-date Calendar of Events spotlights our convention appearance schedule for 2000 — including the Atlanta Comic Convention on February 6 and the Columbia Comic & Toy Show on February 12.  Come out and meet us while we're "on tour"!  Just be sure to do your homework by reading our "Secret Origins" in the About Us and Staff Picks sections.

And then there are my favorite features — The Interview and Articles & Reviews!  Without a doubt, they're the hardest sections of the site to write and maintain, but they're also the most satisfying to work on.  This month Mike Robinson delivers a thoughtful and thorough conversation with comics legend Roy Thomas in THE INTERVIEW, while ARTICLES & REVIEWS will feature a plethora of different columns in the next two weeks.  (We've got a backlog of articles from all the months we've spent re-developing the site!)

If you're looking for content from our old web site, it's still here.  Photographs from earlier in-store events can be found in the Archive section, though our old interviews and articles haven't been cleaned up and brought to light yet.  Don't worry; they will be.  So don't panic if you're looking for our Grant Morrison interview from 1997 — it's coming, along with all the other goodies from the old site.

But this is a new millennium, and we don't want to spend too much time looking backward. The future has been just around the corner, breathing down our necks, ever since the 20th Century began.  And now, at last, it's here.

Park your flying car outside and join us for the fun.