Your Friendly Neighborhood Comics Store Spider-Man

Meet the Dragon's Newest "Employee"

Are you one of those people who never look up when you walk into an unfamiliar place?  If you are, then you may have missed the newest addition to Heroes and Dragons — our life-size Spider-Man!

He's mounted directly above our main cash register, between the fluorescent lights and sprinkler-head.  He faces the main entrance to the store (with his web-shooter pointed right at you as come in) — but he's a little above eye level, so a lot of customers miss him on their first visit!  (Now you know how he can sneak in and out of that skylight so easily ... .)

Designed and sculpted by Harold Hirsch and John Riddle, Spidey is a full 5' 9" tall.  That's actual size, so all you would-be wrong-doers had better watch out!


Click on any image of Spider-Man for a full-size photo.

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