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[E]veryoneís been asking,
"Why is it so violent? Why is it so PREACHER-ified?"

Let me ask you, while Iíve got THE INVISIBLES on my mind, how long is VOLUME TWO planned to last? When will we shift into VOLUME THREE?

It will just be 25 issues each.

Oh, O.K. So theyíre all going to be fairly well-balanced, as far as issue numbers and story lengths.

Iím trying to think—Iíve been bouncing around in my list of questions—if there was anything else that Iíve managed to skip. I probably should go ahead and ask you whatís coming up in THE INVISIBLES, so you can preview that for us.

Sure. I feel like I should say something about 7. Has issue 7come out?

I believe it is.

Yeah. Well, issue 7—Iím really pleased about when that one came out. The hinge of this series is that everyoneís been asking, "Why is it so violent? Why is it so PREACHER-ified?" [Both laugh.] And you kind of get the answer in issue 7.

Thatís a shame, considering how much older than PREACHER THE INVISIBLES is.

Yeah, but Iím cold. [Laugh.] And Garthís hot.

[A]gain, yeah, Iím really pleased about what itís going to do. [Itís] the most violent thing Iíve ever done, but the entire issue is balanced out with the least violent thing. So itís getting it out. ... Iím really pleased with that; [itís] kind of everything that THE INVISIBLES is about.

From there, we start getting into explaining a lot more stuff. The next three issues are kind of set simultaneously in 1924, with the Golden Age Invisibles, and—

[Laugh.] Thereís an idea Iíve been waiting to hear!

[Laugh.] Yeah, yeah, and youíre getting it! So thereís actually—thereís a King Mob from 1924, whoís a different one, and thereís another bunch of people that weíve seen a couple of them already. And itís gonna be [an] adventure.

[O]ur King Mob does some psychic time travel to go back and get involved in this attempt to be able to see how to bring through alien beings into Earth in 1924. So he gets kind of caught up in that, and also he ranks in the present-day story, [where] one of the team kind of betrays everyone else and walks away, which is a bit of a shock.

And then itís leading into a new big story where we take off on the Boy character and the fact that his brother was taken away by, you know, secret government troops and placed in a death camp within the United States. So itís kind of the Invisibles finding where this death camp is at and getting in there and causing trouble.

It sounds like thatís going to put you well on the road to wrapping up VOLUME TWO.

Uh, no. Well, sort of, yeah. That would take us well into the second year of it.

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