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Thereís a lot of weird stories I could tell you,
but weíd be here all night.

I see. Well, I think Iíve pretty much gone through my list of twenty questions and then some. Itís been a pleasure talking to you this evening.

You, too.

Lots of answers to many questions. Let me ask you before I go: Itís been a while since weíve heard you mention that you were practicing Chaos Magic in THE INVISIBLES letters column, which is our (sort of) window into the home world of Grant Morrison.

[Laugh.] Yeah.

Are you still practicing Chaos Magic?

Oh, yeah.

And how much influence does that have on the success of JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Ah, probably much. [Laugh.]

Yeah, I mean, I do it all the time. Itís become easier now; I donít know why. Thereís a lot of weird stories I could tell you, but weíd be here all night.

But the magic is that itís become something else. After I almost died last year, a lot of strange stuff happened, and I felt—this is mad, but basically I felt a healing power knocking. And Iíve used him, and it works, and it blows my mind, but I donít know what itís about. But it 


Religious practices all have to be done [while] waiting on a hand to take away character. [Laugh.] It freaks me out when nothingís there to do it. So the magic, you know, is still there. Itís getting deeper. I want to try to get it in a comic book.

Well, everything seems to be working well for you. Youíve got the best-selling title DC has right now; you are working on an epic project with THE INVISIBLES; you produced one of the finest mini-series that DCís had in a while, FLEX MENTALLO, last summer—

Oh, Iím glad you liked that, Ďcause no one really read it.

I loved it. That is my favorite piece of work Iíve ever done. In spite of it.

I think it is the single best piece of work Iíve read by you. I was tremendously impressed.

Thank you for that.

Iím not a comic-art collector, but the one page of art I would love to own is Frank Quitelyís page for the "all those shitty, amazing comics" scene.

Yeah! Well, Iím glad you liked it, Ďcause thatís the one that I needed someone to.

Was [Pink Floyd's album] THE WALL a big influence on that, or were the similarities incidental?

Hm. I think—and youíre the first person to mention that, but now that I think about it—yeah, itís true.

No, I think itís just—itís one of those things, you know. I just havenít had an experience frankly like it [laugh], so thatís what Iíve come to expect.

It did seem to come at a very interesting time for you.

Yeah. [I]tís good. Iím always glad when people say theyíve enjoyed it, Ďcause thatís the one that is just the biggest disappointment for me in my whole career, is that that one didnít really go across well.

Well, it may not have been a commercial success, but I think itís going to be a tremendous critical success, given time.

Yeah, Iíd like to think so.

Of course, I could be wrong—


—but Iím keeping my fingers crossed. Like I say, itís the most impressive thing Iíve read that youíve written, and thatís saying quite a bit.

Well, thatís great then. I must be doing something right.

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