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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons
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v7.7:  November 11, 2001
 >>  HEROES Second Printings Are on the Way
 >>  That Dang STAR WARS Trailer, Part II
 >>  Triad Toy & Doll Show in Greensboro
 >>  Welcome (Back) to the Working Week
       (Answers to Last Week's Trivia Question)
 >>  E-Mail and the Weekend
 >>  Site Seeing: Television Sites
 >>  New at
 >>  Update on Multiple Copies of This Newsletter
 >>  Veterans Day Message
If you missed on on Marvel Comics' HEROES, don't despair!  First
printings are long gone, but the second printing will be here
this week!
We don't know the exact day our shipment will arrive, but if
you'd like to pre-order, please send your requests to us at
[email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-877-543-HERO (4376).
Like the first printing, proceeds from the sale of this second
printing of HEROES will benefit the Red Cross Relief Effort in
New York City.  So don't miss your chance to help.
(And don't forget Alternative Comics' tribute book, 9-11:
EMERGENCY RELIEF -- which is due at Heroes and Dragons in
January and featured in the current issue of PREVIEWS.  E-mail
us today to reserve a copy, or add it to your sub the next time
you visit our Mega-Store!  For more information, including a
complete list of contributors, visit
It's *still* everywhere!  You can't turn on the television or go
to a movie without seeing it -- and now the DVD-only trailer is
starting to crop up, with a *third* trailer looming this weekend
on the opening night of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCEROR'S STONE.
You can still view the first trailer (the "breathing" teaser as
it's come to be called) at by clicking on the
image of Jango Fett.
However, to limit server stress, you will only be able to view
it once per computer.  A second attempt to view the trailer at will redirect you to the official STAR
WARS site,
If you'd like to watch the trailer over and over and over and
over, you still can!  Just right-click on Jango Fett and choose
"Save Target As...".  This will allow you to save the file to
your hard drive and view it as often as you like.
You'll need Apple Quicktime to view the file, and if you use a
dial-up modem I recommend using a download manager such as
Go!Zilla.  You can download both (for FREE) on the web:
     Get Quicktime 5 at
     Get Go!Zilla 4.0 at
If demand stays high, I'll see what I can do about getting the
new trailer posted next week ... !
Next weekend is the 18th Annual Triad Antique and Collectible
Toy, Doll, and Sports Card Show in Greensboro, North Carolina!
(Or, as we like to call it, "the Triad Show.")
The show runs from 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturday, November 17, and
10:00 to 4:00pm Sunday, November 18.  Admission is $6.00 for
adults, $2.00 for children, with over $300 in door prizes to be
given away.  For complete details and directions, visit
Chris and Matt will be in attendance, along with Chad -- who'll
be making a rare convention appearance.  Stop by and say "hello"!
 >>  (Answers to Last Week's Trivia Question)
Either you folks really like Elvis Costello, or you really like
winning prizes -- because I got *lots* of responses to last
week's trivia question!  The game was a lot of fun and even took
some twists and turns I hadn't anticipated.
Keep reading for the complete saga of "Trivia That Took on a
Life of Its Own"!  (Answers and winners at the end of this
    Who recorded "Seven-Day Weekend" with
    Elvis Costello and on what album did it
    originally appear?
This was a trick question that became even trickier than I
Trivia questions are dangerous items on the Internet, because
anyone can find the answer with a few quick keystrokes.  So I
tried to make my trivia "cheat-proof" by phrasing it as a trick
question.  I knew everyone would rush out to or to find a Costello album containing the track "Seven
Day Weekend," and I knew what they'd find:  BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE.
Here's the "trick":  BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE didn't originally
include "Seven Day Weekend" when it was released in 1986!  The
song was added as a bonus track when Rykodisc re-released the
album in 1995.
The original version of BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE is long out-of-print
and wouldn't show up for sale at most music sites.  To find the
"correct" answer, you'd have to go rifling through Elvis Costello
fan sites (or be a big fan who just *knew*).
If you did the research, you'd discover that "Seven Day Weekend"
was originally recorded by Elvis Costello and reggae-man JIMMY
CLIFF for the soundtrack to CLUB PARADISE (with Robin Williams
and Peter O'Toole).  The movie came out in 1986, as did the U.K.
In 1987, Demon Records compiled a bunch of Costello songs
(including this one) on OUT OF OUR IDIOT -- making OUT OF OUR
IDIOT the first *album* appearance of "Seven Day Weekend" -- and
thus, the answer to our trivia question!
Well -- except for this:  Albin Johnson e-mailed me that there
*is* a soundtrack album for CLUB PARADISE.  And that it includes
"Seven Day Weekend."  Like OUT OF OUR IDIOT, the Soundtrack Album
for CLUB PARADISE is *long* out-of-print (and was apparently never
released on CD) -- but it *is* and album, and it pre-dates OUT OF
OUR IDIOT by a full year!
So congratulations to AL JOHNSON, who knew the correct answer to
my "trick" question even when I didn't!  Al is our official
"winner" and will get to choose his prize from six fabulous trade
Two other contestants receive special recognition as "runners-up"
for knowing OUT OF OUR IDIOT (my "correct" answer) and will get
to pick through the remaining graphic novels when Al is done.
Those fine Costello fans are ROBERT BROWN and LOUIE LANFORD.
Good show, gentlemen!
Honorable mention also goes out to RACE BANNON, GARY COLEMAN, BUCK
great sports and came within an inch of the "correct" answer!
    The CLUB PARADISE Soundtrack (1986)
    With prizes and official "runner-up"
    status to everyone who answered with
    OUT OF OUR IDIOT (1987)
As many of you know, my "weekend" is Friday and Saturday.  As a
result, many of the e-mails I receive on those days are not
answered until Sunday.
If you send an e-mail on the weekend, rest assured that I will
get back to you.  I pride myself on reading every e-mail we
receive and replying to *almost* all of them.  If you've e-mailed
me and haven't heard back, you may want to take a moment and drop
me a line and remind me.  Sometimes mail gets lost in the
electronic labyrinth of e-mail servers and ISPs; a quick reminder
is never taken as an offense and is a great way to be sure that
I've received your e-mail.
Also, please do *NOT* send correspondence to the DRAGON'S BREATH
address ([email protected]).  That address is managed and
co-ordinated by an unthinking machine whose only purpose is to
react to command messages in the subject line of an e-mail.  It
won't answer questions or e-mail you back like a sentient human
being would.
Having said that -- [email protected] does some really cool
stuff, in spite of not being able to think!  For example, it can
subscribe and unsubscribe you automatically -- and it can re-send 
the last issue of DRAGON'S BREATH, if you think you've missed one.
It can also deliver the latest version of our FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions) right to your inbox.
[For a complete list of cool commands you can use in conjuction
with this newsletter, just send a blank e-mail to
[email protected] with the word "HELP" (no quotes) in the
subject line.]
I've said it plenty of times over the last couple of years:
"The internet is the new television."
And I stand by it!  The internet is as exciting and vital as TV
was once, and I daresay it's changing our lives just as much as
the television ever did!  However, that doesn't mean television
has become a thing of the past.  It's still a mighty influential
part of 21st Century life, and we all enjoy it in some form or
Here are some great TV sites to keep you occupied while surfing
the Web:
THE TICK made his live-action debut on FOX-TV last Thursday, and
the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE hits Cartoon Network this coming
Saturday (November 17), so you might want to check out their
respective sites:
     THE TICK -
Want to find out when they air?  Check out the "Local Listing"
tab on TV GUIDE's web site:
Looking for complete episode guides to your favorite show?
Start here:
Still can't get enough of the tube?  Maybe there just isn't
enough of your favorite show to go around!  Why not write some
TV-based fan fiction, or check out some of the fun (and bizarre)
stuff other people have come up with?  You can start your TV
fanfic adventures at:
What, no updates to this week?!  What's
going on?
I'll tell you:  We're starting that long-promised upgrade and
redesign of, with an eye toward having the
new site online for Thanksgiving weekend.  That means you'll have
a great new interface to use when doing your holiday shopping or
surfing for information about H&D.
It also means we'll be pretty light on updates for the next two
weeks, as all my effort is going into the beta version of!
In the meantime, I'm going to leave our much-enjoyed Halloween
pictures up for another week.  If you didn't get to see them last
week, then cruise by
and check 'em out!  I've added two new pictures sure to delight
fans of BATMAN BEYOND!  And I owe a big apology to JESSICA
SAWICKI and FELECIA HOLLEY, who I misidentified last week in
their photos.  Sorry, ladies -- I was in a bit of a hurry and,
um, negelected the finer points of editing when I posteed the
Even with the site redesign in progress, you'll still be able to
access the latest shipping lists for comic books by going to  Both Marvel and DC
covers are posted for November 14, and you can expect brand-new
shipping lists on the afternoon of November 12 (including a
tentative list for the week of Thanksgiving).
[GAMERS:  Do you know of a web site that routinely posts
shipping lists for the major games?  Would they be willing to
share their lists with Heroes and Dragons, as Diamond does their
comic lists?  If you know of such a site, please e-mail me here
at [email protected] -- I'd like to incorporate them into the
new H&!]
I know many of you are still receiving multiple copies of the
DRAGON'S BREATH, and I'm still looking into the potential
problems, one by one.
Michael D., Mike S., Jay, and Vaughn have all put me on the
trail of a NEW potential culprit -- but you will still likely
receive two copies of this message.  If so, please accept my
apologies and take some comfort in the knowledge that I'm
researching the problem!
Thanks to everyone for your patience and your feedback.  Never
hesitate to e-mail me here at [email protected] if something
is amiss with your newsletter!
Today is Veterans Day in the United States.  If you're not
familiar with the holiday (or if you're wondering when the heck
it stopped being "Armistice Day"), you can read all about it at
the official site, maintained by the U.S. Veterans Affairs (VA)
Department.  The URL is
If you're not a U.S. citizen, this next bit may seem a bit
nationalistic and inscrutable.  I assure you that it's more
human and sincere than nationalistic and rhetorical -- so please
feel free to co-opt the spirit of this holiday and apply to
those in your own lives who've made sacrifices for you.
If you are a U.S. citizen, you're well aware that your we can
easily forget the sacrifices our veterans made and the hardships
they endured to preserve our way of life.  Yet they made those
sacrifices and bore those hardships for all of us.  They did it
so that I can sit here on a Sunday night and be excited about
comic books to a thousand of my closest friends.
We Americans may not see eye to eye on the politics of our
nation, but we are all in the same boat when it comes to living
a distinctly American way of life.  Our veterans have made that
So, to each veteran who reads this newsletter, from everyone
here at Heroes and Dragons:  Thank you for risking your life so
we can live ours.  We can never repay the debt we owe you, but
we will always honor your sacrifices and hardships in our lives.
We appreciate you and all you have given us.
See you next week!
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