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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons
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v7.9:  November 28, 2001
 >>  An Eventful Week
 >>  Personnel Dept.:
       Farewell to Brett Lord
 >>  New H&D Web Site for 2002
 >>  Draw Batman, Save 10% on DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN
 >>  A Note about Mail-Order Subscriptions
 >>  Call for Work
 >>  "Increased Energy Levels" Junk Mail
 >>  Lost & Found (With a Reward):
       Help Us Find a Missing Dog
 >>  New at
       This Week: Why It Works the Way It Does
Hello again, everyone!  There's a *lot* going on at the Dragon
this week.
Having sent out the previous issue of DRAGON'S BREATH on the day
before Thanksgiving, I had planned to skip this week's issue and
get back to our regular schedule this coming weekend.  But there
are *way* too many developments for me to make you wait until
Sunday -- so let's jump in feet-first, shall we?
You read it right.
We're saying good-bye to long-time friend and co-worker Brett
Lord this week.
Brett, along with his wife and two children, is moving to
Kissimmee, Florida as a general manager for Coliseum of Comics.
Coliseum is a great chain in central Florida, and we wish Brett
all the best.
Brett's been with the Dragon since 1994, when he was an employee
(and eventual manager) of our now-defunct "North Store" in Irmo,
South Carolina.  From there he moved to our central location in
Boozer Shopping Center, then known as the "South Store."  In late
1996, the South Store became the focal point for a company
reorganization, as the other locations merged into a new, larger
location -- known as the "Mega-Store."  Brett served as general
manager of the Mega-Store until we began to diversify, hiring new
staff members with management specialties to help run an
ever-growing company.  At that point, Brett became our chief
financial officer -- paying bills, making sure the paychecks were
cut on time, hassling the boss about benefits and health plans,
and generally refusing to let us buy things we wanted for our
During his time here, Brett made a lot of friends in the H&D
community.  He hired me (twice!) -- as well as David, Chad, and
Matt G.
We'll miss him -- but we wish him all the best at Coliseum!
Beez'm skeez'm, Brett.
We've deactivated the e-mail account [email protected].  Anything
you would have addressed to Brett should now come to our central
e-mail address, [email protected].
If you have good-bye wishes or other messages for Brett himself,
send those to [email protected], too.  I'll make sure they get
to him.
And no, we will not be hiring a replacement for Brett.  Instead,
we'll be absorbing his duties into other departments and
outsourcing them as necessary to other agencies.  However, we
*do* have a part-time position coming available in another
department.  Check out the "Call for Work" section of this
newsletter for more details.
 >>  NEW H&D WEB SITE FOR 2002
On a happier note, I've finally finished the long-promised
redesign of!
You'll still find us at the same URL -- -- but there have been a lot of
changes to the Heroes and Dragons web site this week.
For starters, we've removed the "Intro" page with the spinning
logo.  Now you can access the home page directly by typing into your browser.  If you have the
old home page (
bookmarked, don't worry -- it still exists and will automatically
redirect you to the current home page.
As you'll notice, we've completely redesigned the site.  The
navigation is clearer and easier to use than ever before.  You
can now access any of our site's eight major sections from
*anywhere* within the site.  If you've browsed deep into a
directory to read old interviews or articles, you can get back
to "New This Week" with a single click of your mouse!
Even more exciting, we've added lots of new features to the
site.  Some have been in development for a long time, just
waiting for a major site overhaul that would allow us to
implement them.  And many are the direct result of customer
suggestions -- so if there's something you'd like to see on the
site, please let me know!
(If you've helped beta-test any of these new sections or
features, please drop me a line sometime this week!  I'll be
giving credit where credit's due here in the DRAGON'S BREATH,
and I fear I'll leave out some of you super-helpful customers
who made this possible.)
There are far too many changes to list them all in a single
issue of DRAGON'S BREATH.  Instead, I'll be giving you a "virtual
tour" of the new site in the "New at"
section of this newsletter, over the next several weeks.  Each
week, we'll look at a different section, function, or feature of
the web site -- and how you can get the most out of it.
This week in "New at," we'll talk about
how the site's arranged and why we chose to go with a frames
format instead of full pages.
THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN arrives next Wednesday, and the
Comic Book World is abuzz with excitement.  I can't remember a
more eagerly-anticipated sequel than this, and I'm betting Frank
Miller isn't going to let us down.  (If he does, he'll never
hear the end of it!)
DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN is a three-issue mini-series in the
Prestige Format (or Bookshelf or Perfect-Bound Format, depending
on when you started reading comics).  Each issues is $7.95, and
believe me when I say this -- we at the Dragon know just how
much a $7.95 comic can hurt your wallet during the holidays!
(Oh boy, do we know ... !)
So, to help you out, we're offering a way to save 10% on DARK
KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #1:  Draw Batman, save 10%.  Really, it's
that simple.  Draw Batman, bring it to the store with you, and
give it to the person at the front register.  Your drawing is
your own personal coupon for DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #1!
Here are the rules:
  You can't draw Batman in the store.  That's just no fun.
  You have to draw him *before* you come and bring the
  drawing with you.
  *YOU* have to *DRAW* *BATMAN*.
  You'd think this would go without saying, but some people
  just love to be killjoys.  This means that (a) you have to
  be the person who drew Batman; (b) you can't just photocopy
  a drawing and bring it in; and (c) the drawing must be *of*
  Buying multiple copies of DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #1?
  You can save on all of them with a single drawing.
  However, you must bring a *new* drawing each time you come
  back to the store for more copies!
  We reserve the right to post these drawings and use them
  for promotion.  That means your Batman could end up on the
  web site or on display in the store!
Starting December 1, I'll be normalizing our shipping schedule
for mail-order subscriptions.  Instead of shipping erratically,
depending on the size of your sub, H&D will ship during the
first week of every month.
During the first few days of the month, you will receive an
electronic invoice by e-mail.  If your invoice is accurate,
don't do a thing.  Simply kick back and wait for your package to
arrive in the mail.
If you have questions, changes, or special requests, e-mail me
immediately.  I'll take care of the problem or process your
request, and we'll ship all mail-order subscriptions out
together, before the 10th day of the month.
If you don't have a credit card on file, you'll be expected to
send payment after receiving your electronic invoice.  If for
some reason you can't send payment, we will make a second
attempt to contact you.  If that attempt fails, we'll have no
choice but to cancel your subscription.  (We take no joy in it,
but it must be done!)
As someone told me at McDonald's the other week, "Working is
good for your mind."  And as a customer told me tonight, "Store
credit is good for buying toys."  Work and store credit:  Two
great tastes that go great together.
Chad is looking for a part-time assistant to help out with new
comics on Wednesdays, and possibly at other times during the
week.  The position is 5 to 8 hours per week, mostly (if not
entirely) on Wednesday.  Duties include stocking, counting, and
inventory, as well as some light lifting.  Employees may be
called on to perform other jobs, as the discretion of management.
The new employee would qualify for a store discount and be paid
in store credit.  We'll list you on the web site, so you can
tell all your friends you're part of the Dragon family.  One word
of advice:  This isn't a job for people who want to see the
comics before anyone else in town; you'll be doing more counting
than looking!
If you're interested, contact Chad at (803) 772-9198.  Please be
ready to submit a resume, so we can contact you when the hiring
decision is made.
Some of you may have received a piece of junk mail from me
yesterday with the headline "Increased Energy Levels."
If so, please accept my apology.  I have *not* sold your e-mail
(and will *never* do so), nor have I sold advertising space on
our mailing list.
The "Increased Energy Levels" e-mail was a mistake.  I was
experimenting with the configuration of DRAGON'S BREATH on
Arrow Mailer, trying to prevent the multiple copies that have
been going out.  I had temporarily configured the mailing list
to accept posts from subscribers and distribute them to
everyone on the list.  Of course, that was the *very* moment
[email protected] decided to send me a note about "Increased
Energy Levels."
I caught the e-mail and switched off Arrow Mailer before the
message went out to everyone, but a handful of you received them
at random.
I am not spamming you, and I am not hawking dietary products.
I promise!
Today (Wednesday, November 28) a small black dog was lost from
his car in the Boozer Shopping Center parking lot, just outside
of Heroes and Dragons headquarters.  The dog's owner is a
7-year-old girl who says the dog "looks like Toto from the
If you have any information, you can reach the owners at these
  (803) 892-4568
  (803) 788-2814
  (803) 353-0772
There is a $500 reward for the return of the dog, so there
could be something in it for you -- on top of making a little
girl very happy.
It's all new!
There's too much to cover in a single e-mail, so I'll be taking
you on a guided tour of the new over the
next few weeks.
The new site has eight major sections, all accessible from the
navigation bar across the top of every page.
Those sections (and direct links to them, for those of you who
like to bookmark) are listed here:
  Comic Books for Sale -
  Other Items for Sale -
  (Direct link to our auctions can now be found under these
  two sections.)
  New This Week -
  (This super-popular page has kept the same URL for your
  bookmarking convenience!)
  Coming Events -
  (Slightly revised URL.)
  About Us -
  Customer Service -
  (Brand-new section!)
  Subscripton Program -
  (Slightly revised URL.)
  News & Features -
There are two other "main sections" that are *not* accessible
from the nav bar across the top of the site.  Those sections
  (Same URL, though!)
  Friends of the Dragon
  (A page for banner and link exchanges that is still in
  development.  We'll let you know as soon as the URL is
  finalized and the page is linked to the rest of the site.)
The new site relies heavily on frames -- and if you hate frames
as much I used to, at least give me a chance to explain!
Frames are individual windows that work and interact together to
create the look and feel of the whole web page.  However, each
frame can also function like an independent page -- because it
*is* an independent page!  This allows you to click on a link in
one frame and change the contents of another frame -- while
leaving the original frame unchanged.
In the new, each page comprises three
separate frames -- a top frame (with the logo and nav buttons),
a menu frame (on the left), and a content frame (in the center
right of the page).  When you click on the nav bar (across the
top), you go into a certain page of the web site, which you can
then navigate using the menu frame on the left.
This design allows you to instantly switch views from one frame
to another.  In effect, you have *three* sets of options to
choose from at any one time!  As an added bonus, you can move
forward, backward, and even sideways in the site with much
greater ease.
In the "old days," many browsers didn't support frames, and I
steered clear of them.  Now, however, almost every browser in
use supports frames.  And if yours doesn't, you can upgrade the
latest version for free on the web.
So, yes -- it's true.  I've sold out and incorporated frames
into this version of the site.
Next week we'll take a look at the new "Comic Books For Sale"
section, and I'll walk you through our ordering process!  (If
you can't wait, you can view help files via the menu frame at!)
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