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v7.17:  January 10, 2002 - Annual New Year's Sale!
 >>  New Year's Sale
       ... This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (January 11-13)
 >>  Back on Schedule
 >>  New at
It's that time of year again  time to reflect on the blessings
and changes of 2001.  Time for resolutions and innumerable "best
of" lists.
And  oh, yeah  time to have a BIG SALE at Heroes and Dragons!
This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (January 11-13), you'll find
the following sale prices at the H&D Mega-Store:
     * 50% Off ALL Back Issues
         (including our famous dollar comics!)
     * 50% Off ALL Collectible Toys
         (those with a "C" on the price sticker)
     * 50% Off Selected New Comics
     * 50% Off Discount and Clearance Graphic Novels
     * 20% Off EVERYTHING ELSE in the Store!
MAIL-ORDER customers can take advantage of the savings, too! Submit
your order ANYTIME during the three days (Eastern Standard Time, of
course), and you'll receive any applicable savings on your order.(*)
As always, discounts DO NOT apply to anything on hold, and if you
have a pre-existing subscriber discount greater than the sale price,
you'll get the benefit of your higher discount.
(*) Sale prices do not apply to items listed in the "Comic Books for
Sale" or "Other Items for Sale" categories on the web site.  Also,
sale prices do not apply to items marked "NO DISC."  Items marked
with a maximum discount ("MAX DISC") will not be discounted below
that amount.
For more information, visit
Despite the vagaries of holiday hours and unexpected snow, we are
now back on our regular operating schedule.  We open during our
normal business hours, our staff is here when they're scheduled,
and New Comics Day is once again every Wednesday at 3:00pm.
Whew.  It's nice to have a bit of routine again, isn't it?
If you've forgotten how things used to work, this is a great
opportunity to refresh your memory by visiting  You'll find all sorts
of great information there.
And if you'd like a peek at what's coming on the next New Comics
Day, check out
The main page at has been updated with
a new look and lots of links to new features.
In the left-hand column, you'll find a random assortment of items
up for auction on eBay right now.  To bid on these items, just
click the photos.  You can also find a complete listing of our
eBay auctions at
All the details about this weekend's New Year's Sale Event can
be found at --
along with information about upcoming conventions, like the
FX Toy Show and Mega-Con.
View photos from the big snowstorm at
you'll find photos of the latest addition to Heroes and Dragons --
our 5'9" Spider-Man in-store display!  Spidey was masterfully built
by sculptors/costumers John Riddle and Harold Hirsch.
Speaking of new employees, I've finally added our latest
flesh-and-blood employee to the roster at  You'll now
find Tug Baker there, alongside the rest of the H&D team.
To read Tug's complete bio, visit
INKPUNKS QUARTERLY #3 features the latest installment of
"Chaser's Moon," by hometown favorite writer Kimo.  Thanks to
Kimo's graciousness, you can see a sneak preview of the latest
installment of "Chaser's Moon" here:
The book will be on sale January 23 at Heroes and Dragons.
Subscribers:  Add and drop titles online with our handy
"Add/Drop Form"!  You'll need a password to submit your
changes -- so if you don't have your password yet, e-mail me
here at [email protected].  When you get your password, go to
to send us your additions and special orders for January!
(You can view the complete text of the January 2002 issue of
PREVIEWS in the "Subscriber Tools" section of  I've
posted a list of recently cancelled products in the same
directory, plus the complete Adult Supplement to PREVIEWS!)
As you can see, there's plenty to keep you entertained at!
Next week we'll return to our long-delayed tour of the new site.
In the meantime, I hope you'll take advantage of our New Year's
Sale to stock up for those long wintry months ahead!
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