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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons


Issue # 8.10 — July 27, 2003


Good Luck to Ben at GenCon

Our much-beloved games manager Ben Burnside is at GenCon, the country's premier gaming convention, this weekend.

According to recent reports, Ben is competing in the War Cry World Championship tournament and doing very well.  By the time you read this issue of Dragon's Breath, he may be a world champion!

We'll report the results next week. 

San Diego Exclusives on eBay

Comic-Con International gave us plenty of exclusive toys and comics this year.  Chris and Tracy brought back a truckload of stuff, and we've finally managed to process the most popular items and get them on eBay for those who couldn't make it to the con.

Currently on eBay:

  • Youngblood: Bloodsport # 1 West Coast Variant Signed by Liefeld

  • Youngblood: Bloodsport # 1 East Coast Variant Signed by Liefeld

  • Batman San Diego Con Exclusive Action Figure (Mattel)

  • JLA: Liberty and Justice Con Preview (Alex Ross)

  • Boba Fett Silver San Diego Con Exclusive Figurine

  • Hellraiser Pinhead Action Figure San Diego Exclusive

  • 4" Gungrave Mini-Figure San Diego Exclusive

  • George R.R. Martin Hedge Knight Convention Special (Signed)

To view and bid on these items, click here.

Look for copies of Youngblood: Bloodsport #1 and Youngblood: Genesis #1 in the store this week, along with the JLA: Liberty and Justice Preview and the Hedge Knight Convention Special.

JDBGMGR Virus Hoax Is Back

Actually, it never went away — but for some reason, I've been getting more and more e-mails about this popular hoax over the past few days.

The e-mails instruct you to search for a file called JDBGMGR.exe on your compute and delete it, claiming the file is a virus.  This is not true; the file is a harmless and useful part of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you receive these e-mails, just delete them — or, if they come from someone you know, tip them off to the hoax so they don't damage Internet Explorer

For complete details on the JDBGMGR hoax (and tips to replace the file if you've deleted it), please consult Dragon's Breath # 7.25.

In the News

Following the usual torrent of announcements from the San Diego Comic-Con, news has slowed to a crawl this week.

CGC has updated their online population report.  more

And they've opened their online registry to help Collectors' Society members track their collections.  more

And they'll be offering on-site certification at this year's Wizard World Chicago convention, so bring some books to get slabbed!  more


Superboy is joining the Legion of Super-Heroes!  Look for the Teen of Tomorrow (in the classic Superman costume, no less!) to make his mark in Legion # 25.  The issue features art from a legion of super-stars, including '70s Legion artist Dave Cockrummore

Thanos will come out of Marvel Universe: The End with a brand-new ongoing monthly series written and drawn by Jim Starlinmore

Neal Adams will contribute the cover to Captain Marvel # 15more

Mr. Sinister will return in Weapon X # 14, a stand-alone issue with art by John Paul Leonmore

Marvel Comics has posted a 5-page preview of 1602 on their web site.  more

Despite rumors to the contrary, Marvel Comics will participate in next year's Free Comic Book Day.  Proposed dates for the event are May 1 (to coincide with Wonder Con), May 29 (to coincide with the Hellboy movie premiere and Memorial Day Weekend), or July 3 (to coincide with the release of Spider-Man 2 and the Independence Day holiday).  more

Gen13 # 16 will be the final issue of the series and will feature the return of the original Gen13 line-up.  more

The Scoop has posted a preview of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's Hulk: Gray mini-series.  more

Image's Jack Staff gets back on schedule next week with issue # 3 from Image.  more

Several CrossGen books will ship late due to a printing error.  Expect them to arrive on August 6 instead of July 30.  more

OddGod Press will release an anthology of Big Dumb Fun later this year.  James Kochalka, Scott Mills, and Jai Nitz will contribute, along with many other creators.  more

Dark Horse may not publish MegaTokyo as previously reported by The Pulse.  A new publisher has yet to be determined.  more

As a tie-in the Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death video game, 2000 A.D. will release Dredd vs. Death Extreme Edition.  The special is planned as the first of several "Extreme Editions," each centering on a different character or theme.  more

Mario Gully's new series Ant introduces 8-year-old Hanna Washington, who fantasizes about being a grown woman and a super-hero.  The series was conceived during Gully's 12-month stint in jail and will feature covers by J. Scott Campbell and Joe Benitezmore

Darren G. Davis of Tidal Wave Studios is returning with a new imprint and some familiar characters later this year.  10th Muse and The Legend of Isis will headline the publications from Davis's new Angel Gate Press.  A third title, Judo Girl, will follow later.  more


CrossGen unveiled their new "digital trade paperbacks" DVD program and made several announcements about new titles.  (Our webmaster is eagerly awaiting the new J.M. DeMatteis/Mike Ploog title Abadazad from Code 6.)  more

Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker revealed plans for Queen & Country, Gotham Central, Detective Comics, Wolverine, Catwoman, and Wonder Womanmore

Neil Gaiman talked about 1602, his film collaboration with Dave McKean, and the rights to Miracleman at a Saturday afternoon panel.  He mentioned two upcoming projects — a third children's book with Dave McKean (Crazy Hair) and a spoken-word CD.  more

Readers who started The Filth but don't plan to read the entire 13-issue mini-series may be risking their lives, warned Grant Morrison at his Friday panel.  Morrison also confirmed the cancellation of two long-anticipated projects, Marvel Boy II and Le Sexxy, and hinted at the plans for wrapping up his run on New X-Menmore

Everyone knows that Will Eisner's A Contract with God was the first graphic novel — right?  Not according to Byron Preiss, who pointed out at Comic-Con that his and Jim Steranko's Crimson Tide pre-dates Contract with God by almost two years!  more


The first wave of DC Direct Kingdom Come toys arrived this week at Heroes and Dragons and will be available for sale on Wednesday, July 30.  We already have a set on eBay:  Click here to view the first wave figures.

The San Diego Con exclusive blue-and-gray Mattel Batman is also up on eBay.  Click here to view.


WizKids will release MageKnight 2.0 in November.  The company calls the new edition a "massive redesign" of the innovative figure-based game.  more


Many, many members of the Green Lantern Corps will appear on an upcoming episode of the new Duck Dodgers cartoon.  Kevin Smith will provide the voice of Hal Jordan.  Tom Jones and H&D faves the Flaming Lips will contribute the theme song to the new show, which debuts on Cartoon Network August 23.  more and more

Artisan has released the complete cast listing for the Punisher movie.  Six Feet Under's Ben Foster is playing Spacker Dave.  more

Die Another Day director Lee Tamahori is involved with a Deathlok feature film project for Marvel.  more

Miramax is working on a Betty & Veronica feature film.  more

Variety called The Way of the Rat (based on the CrossGen comic) one of the "top ten hottest projects in development."  more

In case you missed it last week, Sony released a promotional photo of Alfred Molina as Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man 2more

Elizabeth Banks (as Betty Brant) will have a larger role in Spider-Man 2 than she did in the first movie.  more

JLA's Green Lantern John Stewart will appear on an upcoming episode of Static Shockmore

Guest voices on The Simpsons next season will include Mr. T, Jennifer Garner, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Sir Ian McKellan, Jerry Lewis, and Michael Moore.  more

For the latest news on comic-book-related movie and television projects, be sure to check out Comics Continuum's San Diego coverage here.


The Komikwerks Studio has announced a partnership with entertainment management company Circle of Confusion, which represents Larry and Andy Wachowski (directors of The Matrix), among other clients.  more


Coming Events

Lord of the Rings CCG League meets this Tuesday, July 29 at 4:00pm.

Site to See

For those who don't know, "blog" is internet shorthand for a "web log" — you know, like a journal or a diary, except one you keep online.

Blogging has become all the rage, and this year some of the Internet's most popular bloggers are helping their favorite charities with a WWW-wide event called Blogathon:

Read 'em and weep -- or laugh -- for a full 24 hours!

For 24 hours, civic-minded bloggers update their web logs at least once every 30 minutes.  Each blogger has a designated charity, and visitors can "sponsor" the blogger, donating to his or her charity by a variety of methods.

This year's event is winding down as Dragon's Breath # 8.10 hits the web — but we encourage you to visit the site and find out how this year's event managed to raise almost $100,000 for various charities.

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