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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons


Issue # 8.17 September 14, 2003


Big D20 Game News

Wizards of the Coast had some major announcements this week about their trademarked D20 gaming system, mostly concerning their distinctive "d20" logo.  more

In response, Valar and Avalanche have already announced plans to discontinue use of the "d20" logo and tread lightly when designing new game systems.  more and more

Comics News

Fantagraphics will be reprinting the complete Peanuts strips by Charles Schulz!  No formal announcement has been made, but publisher Gary Groth and webmaster Dirk Deppey have confirmed the plans on the Comics Journal message boards.  more 

JLA/Avengers #1 is selling like hotcakes!  more

Warren Ellis is working on his first novel, which will be published by Harper-Collins in 2005.  more

Harvey Comics artist Warren Kremer died this week.  more

Chris Claremont and Igor Kordey's long-delayed Storm: Arena graphic novel will see print in the monthly issues of X-Treme X-Men beginning in December.  more

Marvel Comics and Topics Entertainment will release the first ten issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, Silver Surfer, and Avengers on CD-ROM for only $29.99.  more

Our webmaster comments:

I already have these stories in other formats (God bless
the Masterworks and Essentials collections!), but I may
re-purchase them in this format to encourage more such
collections in the future.  No doubt about it, this is
the best
way to market rare unreprinted material that doesn't have
a big enough fan base to justify trade paperbacks!

Joe Casey and John Paul Leon are collaborating with the Starbright Foundation on a special X-Men comic for young burn victims re-entering mainstream schools.  X-Men: Life Lessons will only be available through schools and medical centers.  more

Our webmaster comments:

With Casey and Leon at the helm, this just might
be the best commissioned custom comic since
Mark Millar and Tom Grummett's
Superman for the Animals!

Bryan Hitch is exclusive with Marvel until 2006.  more

Move over, Supermobile!  The Man of Steel is getting a bike in a six-part story that will wind its way through all the Superman titles in early 2004!  The tale is co-written by Joe Kelly and Michael Turner, with art by Talent Caldwellmore

Image Comics' Sword of Dracula team is giving away original art in return for a blood donation to your local Red Cross.  more

CrossGen has adjusted the release date for their role-playing game to coincide with their mega-crossover mini-series The Warmore

A new comics company, Ape Entertainment is actively seeking submissions.  more

Think comics are dying?  Believe the hype that the mass-market for comic books is gone, never to be seen again?  Doubt that any comic will ever again break the 100,000 mark, much less the sales records of 1940s and '50s?  Think again, Bucko there's a company that sells almost a million copies every month!  more

Media News

American Psycho and Equilibrium star Christian Bale will star as Batman in the upcoming Warner Brothers film.  more

The WB network is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle a second time they've commissioned a pilot for a Flash television series based on the same syndicated soap opera approach as Smallvillemore

Legal News

Platinum Studios has signed an exclusive "First Look" deal with Walt Disney Pictures.  The deal will allow Disney first crack at any comic-to-movie development projects that come out of the studio, effectively making Platinum an idea farm for future Disney projects.  more 

Interviews Worth Reading

Sneak Peeks

This week, we debut a new feature in Dragon's Breath!  In the "Sneak Peeks" section, we'll steer you toward promotional art, scripts, and completed comics you can read on the World Wide Web.

This week's selection of previews includes:

Coming Events

Lord of the Rings CCG League meets every Tuesday at 4:00pm.

Marvel HeroClix tournament this Saturday, September 20 at 1:00pm.  Bring a 400-point army (all Marvel characters) and be ready to place.  Entry is free and open to all, with special prizes awarded for First Place and Sportsmanship.

Baltimore Comic-Con is in Towson, Maryland this Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21.  John and Chris will be there, so stop by the booth and say "hello."

Site to See

In Dragon's Breath # 8.15, we introduced you to the Museum of Black Super-Heroes.  This week we bring you a companion site of sorts, the International Catalogue of Super-Heroes:

Super-Heroes of the World Unite!

They've got 'em all, including a great section on Golden Age British characters.

Question of the Week

... will return soon.  We haven't forgotten your earlier suggestions, and we'll be soliciting more opinions from you as soon as we're caught up on our current projects.

In the meantime, feel free to send us suggestions using this form.



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