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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons


Issue # 8.18 — September 28, 2003


Public Service Announcement of the Week:
Watch Out for Fake E-Mails

Be on the look-out for e-mails asking for your user names, passwords, credit card information, or other personal details.

We've received a higher-than-usual number of scam e-mails this week, and at least two Dragon's Breath readers who received similar e-mails wrote to ask about them.

These e-mails usually appear to come from eBay (view sample), PayPal (view sample), or Microsoft.  Using official-looking templates, images, and fonts, the e-mails mimic the look of real correspondence from these sites and warn you that your information is incorrect or out-of-date.  They urge you to "click here" to visit their site and update your details, but the link redirects you to a web site run by identity thieves.  Any details you enter go straight into their database, not  to eBay or Microsoft.

These scams usually have two goals:

  1. The fake eBay messages are intended to get your eBay user name and password, which are often the same ones you use for your PayPal account.  Once identity thieves have this information, they can access and drain your PayPal account.  Because the fake e-mail sent you to a page that mimics eBay, it may be days before you realize the scam actually targeted your PayPal account.

  2. Fake messages from Microsoft usually prompt you to visit a web site or download a "security patch" to protect your computer from viruses.  Both the e-mail and the fake "Microsoft" web site urge you to download spyware that can be used to monitor your internet access ports and/or scan your computer for passwords.

The best defense against these impostor e-mails is this:

Never download any attachment sent to you by e-mail.  And never enter your passwords or confidential information into a web site you accessed by clicking on an e-mail link.

If you want to download the latest security patches from Microsoft, use your web browser to go directly to  Likewise, if you suspect your eBay or PayPal information is in need of an update, go directly to or and log in.

October Previews Files Now Available Online

We've posted the text version of the new Previews catalog online.  You can read browse the text of the regular Previews catalog, the Adult Supplement, and the new Marvel Previews here and then place your order here.

Remember, this catalog is for items scheduled to ship in December.

Orders are due by midnight on Saturday, October 11.

Comic Club Meets This Thursday

The Heroes and Dragons Comic Club meets again on Thursday, October 2 for our monthly discussion group.  This time we'll be discussing issues # 1-10 of the classic EC series Vault of Horror.

Today's comics readers often overlook the sophistication of the EC titles, but we're giving them special attention as we head into the month of October.  In their original run, Vault of Horror and its contemporaries instilled fear in a generation of a children — and adults:  The titles' violent and gory content inspired a Congressional investigation by Estes Kefauver and eventually led to the formation of the Comics Code Authority.

This Thursday we'll discuss the impact of Vault of Horror, as well as how public perceptions of comics have changed in the last 45 years.

Our meeting starts at 7:30pm, which is after regular store hours — if the door is locked, someone will gladly let you in.

For those who don't know, we are actively recruiting new members!  Comic Club members, bring a friend with you.  If you're not a member, this is a great chance to meet our club regulars and enjoy a great chat with no obligation to join.

(But if you do decide to join, you'll enjoy 20% off on all graphic novels and trade paperbacks you purchase through Heroes and Dragons!)

Comics News

Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo are staying on Fantastic Four, after all!  more

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Steve McNiven will still be coming aboard Fantastic Four, though — launching a second monthly FF title under the almost-forgotten "Marvel Knights" imprint!  more

Shake-ups at CrossGen are the other big news item this week.  Gone is the in-house "staff artist" system, in favor of a more traditional "page rate" structure for artists.  CrossGen is also allowing its house artists to take freelance assignments from other companies.  Ruse artist Jackson "Butch" Guice has already left the company, and an estimated twenty other employees have been dismissed.  Among the creative losss:  George Pérez, Drew Geraci, and Brandon Petersonmore, more, more, more, and still more

MV Creations' Val Staples talked to's Pulse about how the CrossGen changes will affect MV's plans.  more

Former Kitchen Sink editor Dave Schreiner died last month, on August 27.  more

Neil Gaiman is everywhere lately:  On NPR's Talk of the Nation, in Entertainment Weekly, on, in Forbes magazine, in USA Today, and in Publishers Weekly.

Transformers: Generation One becomes an ongoing monthly series in December.  Issue # 0 kicks off the new series.  more

The Legion #25 marks Superboy's return to the 30th Century.  The issue promises to be a great jumping-on point, so delay no longer — give Legion a try!  more

Howard Porter takes over the art on The Flash starting with issue # 207.  more

Firestorm returns in an all-new monthly series in April 2004, with Dan Jolley writing and Chris Cross on art.  more

Stuart Immonen has signed a three-year exclusive contract with Marvel Comics.  more

Wonder Boys and Kavalier and Klay writer Michael Chabon will write the Mr. Terrific back-up in JSA: All Stars # 7more

DC is redesigning the trade dress for their popular series of Sandman graphic novels.  The new editions (both hardcover and trade paperback) will feature brand-new artwork by Dave McKeanmore

Conservative MSNBC commentator Joe Scarborough named DC Comics his "Rat of the Week" on September 19.  Scarborough described the plot of Joe Kelly's current JLA storyline, "American Nightmare," which has the Justice League invading Qurac (a fictional Middle Eastern country that has long plagued DC heroes) to eliminate non-existent weapons of mass destruction.  more

The Outsiders team of Judd Winick and Tom Raney have renewed their exclusive contracts with Scarborough's Rat of the Week, DC Comics.  more

Superman #200 will tie up loose plot threads, mark a major change in the geography of Metropolis, and end with the disappearance of Superman.  And those of you who missed the Man of Steel's motorcycle the first time around can see it in these preview pages!  more

Kurt Busiek will write an introduction for About Comics' new edition of Robert Mayer's novel Superfolksmore

Image Comics will release new trade collections of Paul Grist's original Jack Staff and Kane series in December.  more

The University of California at Los Angeles will hold an independent comics art festival called super*Market in early November.  more

Contrary to rumors, Future Comics will not publish the Micronauts series.  According to a press release from Future PR Manager J. Hues, Peacekeeper artist Pat Broderick is leaving the company to work on Micronauts with whoever decides to pick up the license.  more

John Layman and Dave Crosland will follow up their Image mini-series Puffed with an equally bizarre one-shot set in Iraq, Stay Puffedmore

Three Days in Europe artist Mike Hawthorne will pencil a four-issue story arc in Queen & Country, beginning in issue # 21.  more

Ultimate Six is the latest Marvel mini-series to extend its run by one issue.  The series will now run for seven issues instead of six.  more

Byron Preiss will collect comic adaptations of Ray Bradbury's stories in the forthcoming Best of Ray Bradbury: The Graphic Novelmore

Rising Stars will return in April 2004 with Fiona Avery's mini-series Untouchable, which focuses on Laurel Darkhaven.  more and more

Lea Hernandez's Rumble Girls will also return in 2004, this time published by NBM.  more

Adam Warren pits Chun-Li against Cammy in the back-up story in Street Fighter # 2more

Gemstone is bringing more Disney comics to newsstands this winter.  more

Astonish Comics (publisher of Herobear and the Kid) will merge with Scott Sava's animation house Blue Dream Studiosmore

Beckett is publishing a comic book by Jeff Amano and Ivan Brandon, Ruulemore

Beau Smith's Wynonna Earp is coming back — this time published by IDW.  more

Despite Roaring Studios' departure, Image will continue to publish George R.R. Martin's Hedge Knightmore

Media News

Warner Brothers has released the first photo of Halle Berry in her Catwoman get-up for the 2004 movie.  more

Dr. Who returns to television on the BBC in 2005.  more

The magazine Reform Judaism is running a series titled "How the Jews Created the Comic Book Industry," profiling such influential Jewish creators of the Golden Age as Will Eisner, Jerry Siegel, and Joe Schuster.  more

Marvel Comics plans to produce its own "mid-budget" and direct-to-video movies.  Presumably, these wouldn't be farmed out like the Man-Thing movie currently filming in Australia.  more

Awards News

James Sime of Isotope Comics is sponsoring the Second Annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comicsmore

Legal News

Captain America co-creator Joe Simon has reached a settlement with publisher Marvel Comics.  Simon has agreed to sign over all copyrights and ownership rights to Marvel.  more

Larry Cohen and Martin Poll are suing Fox Studios over the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film, claiming parts of the plot and cast are lifted from an unproduced Cohen script called Cast of Characters.   According to the brief descriptions, there are similarities between Cast of Characters and the League film.  more

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Coming Events

Lord of the Rings CCG League meets this Tuesday, September 30 at 4:00pm.

Comic Club meets at 7:30pm on Thursday, October 2.

1,750-point Warhammer 40,000 Tournament this Saturday, October 4 at noon.  $3 entry fee.

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One more time:  Who's running for Governor of California?!

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