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January 1 - 4


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Heroes and Dragons' 2004 New Year's Sale starts today at 11:00am!

All BACK ISSUES will be 50% OFF during the sale!  If you have gaps in your 2003 collection, now's the time to fill 'em.  As if 125,000 comics weren't enough, we've spent the past 30 days adding to our in-store inventory:

  • 7,500 Hot Books

  • 5,000 Vintage Comics (Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages)

  • Over 17,000 Dollar Books (5,000 of them added just last weekend!)

Likewise, all COLLECTIBLE TOYS will be 50% OFF during the sale.  As with back issues, we've beefed up the selection just for the occasion!  Chris has added over 500 items to the collectible toy cases, including:

  • Star Wars

  • Star Trek

  • Transformers

  • G.I. Joe

  • Hot Wheels

Yep, we've just picked up a nice collection of original Red Line Hot Wheels cars in varying conditions check 'em out during the sale and save 50% on their marked prices!

Selected "RED TAG" items will be marked down as much as 75% OFF!  Some items have been tagged in all our departments, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lastly, everything that isn't marked is 20% OFF the regular price:

  • new comics, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels

  • gaming miniatures, CCG cards, and RPG books

  • bags, boards, dice, and other supplies

  • DVDs and videos

  • t-shirts, hats, and apparel

As always, sale prices DO NOT apply to items on hold or listed for sale on the web site.

Mail orders are welcome, but you must call in your order during store hours or submit it via e-mail before closing time (7:00pm) on the last day of the sale (Sunday, January 4).  You can e-mail your orders and requests via our Contact Us page.

We may not get back to you before the end of the sale, but rest assured that we'll be charging you sale prices if your order arrives before 7:00pm ET on Sunday.  During sale weekends, we can't always reply to e-mail immediately.



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