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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons


Issue # 8.42 November 2, 2004

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Monster Sale Extended Through November!

A big "thank you" to everyone who came out on Halloween weekend to participate in our Monster Stock clearance sale!  As we mentioned last time, we're clearing out this massive 100,000-book inventory to make room for an all-new stock in 2005 so we've decided to extend the savings all the way through November!

That's right:

through Thanksgiving Day (November 25)

At that point, we'll begin clearing the Monster Stock out of the way to make room for our new inventory.

Come on down and kill two birds with one stone:  This is a great chance to pick up holiday gifts and stocking stuffers while you're filling in those gaps in your want list!

Sale prices DO NOT apply to dollar comics in the "New Arrivals" section only the 100,000-book Monster Stock.

Sale prices DO NOT apply to items on hold (such as pre-orders and subscriptions).  You cannot place sale items on hold.

Comic Club Meets Wednesday Night

Last month, the Comic Club delved into Marvel Comics by reading The Sentry.  This month, we're going back a few years to read one of the all-time classics from the House of Ideas.  By popular demand, it's time to read Chris Claremont and John Byrne's super-hero epic, The Dark Phoenix Saga.

Most comics readers have a passing familiarity with Dark Phoenix even if they've never read the original stories.  Jean Grey's transformation from sweet, super-powered girl next door to power-mad destroyer of worlds has been the key element of the X-Men mythos for the past 20 years.  It's near-impossible to read an X-Men story without catching a reference to it, and "Dark Phoenix" has become synonymous with the axiom, "Power corrupts."

With the popularity of Dark Phoenix in mind, we're inviting everyone to join us for this month's Comic Club meeting.  If you've been meaning to ask about Comic Club (or maybe drop in on one of our monthly meetings as a guest), here's your chance to do it without disrupting your weekly schedule:

This month only, we're having our Comic Club meeting at 7:30pm Wednesday (November 3) instead of Thursday.  No special trip to check us out just walk back to the H&D Game Room after you pick up your weekly comics on Wednesday, and we'll be there!  Look for our friendly Comic Club reps, who'll be passing out refreshments and stirring up scintillating conversation about Dark Phoenix!

For more on Comic Club, click here.

For more on The Dark Phoenix Saga, click here.

The Countdown Begins ...

Tug's back with fifteen ongoing series you should definitely be reading!  That's right fifteen of 'em!

This time our official Picker has polled the Dragon staff to find out what books they're currently reading and using super-scientific data-gathering tools, he's compiled a list of Heroes and Dragons' Top Ten Ongoing Series (plus Five Honorable Mentions).  This week, Tug guides you through the Honorable Mentions.  Next week, the official countdown begins!

November Previews Files Available

As we do every month, we've posted the November Previews files right here on to help with your ordering.

If you're not familiar with Previews, it's the official catalog of Diamond Comic Distributors our primary supplier of comics, toys, and graphic novels.  You can order anything you see in Previews through Heroes and Dragons, as long as your order is submitted before the due date.  (The current due date is Saturday, November 13.)

To download the current catalog (and a host of nifty informational files), click here.



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