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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons


Issue # 8.46 — December 22, 2004

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H&D Welcomes Todd Nauck This Afternoon

By Comics Manager Tug Baker

Heroes and Dragons customers always expect super-heroes when they walk in the door, but little do they know that their favorite comic shop is giving them a dose of super-talent this week — just in time for Christmas!

Afraid it might be too much for you?  Fear not, Faithful Fan!  It’s only an in-store signing with comic book artist and writer Todd Nauck.

Nauck will take a break from saving the world (in the comics) today from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, to chat with fans and premiere his latest work, the Wildguard: Fire Power one-shot from Image Comics.

Fire Power is written and drawn by Nauck and continues the story began in this year’s sleeper hit mini-series Wildguard: Casting Call.  In the series, Nauck took the current craze of reality television and explored how the world of super-heroes might get in on the act.  Nauck created new characters and pitted them against each other in an American Idol-style competition where the last five standing would earn a spot on the new made-for-TV super-team Wildguard.

Wildguard included super-hero confessionals and wannabe superstars.  Nauck’s dead-on parody and his ability to produce many interesting new heroes made Wildguard: Casting Call a fun ride for fans of comics and of reality TV.  Nauck even let fans vote for the fifth seat on the team at his web site,, where he now posts web comics that act as an interlude between the mini-series and the new one-shot.

Fire Power picks up as the newly formed team makes their first foray out into the world to battle evil and get the highest ratings.

Heroes and Dragons will have plenty of copies on hand for shoppers as well as copies of Nauck’s other works.

Nauck is probably best known for his long run drawing characters like Superboy and Robin on DC’s Young Justice and is currently the artist on Teen Titans Go!, the comic based on the Cartoon Network hit series Teen Titans.

WHO | Wildguard creator Todd Nauck
WHAT | In-Store Appearance & Signing
WHERE | Heroes and Dragons Mega-Store
WHEN | Wednesday, December 22 — 4:30-6:30pm

No Holiday Delays for Christmas or New Year's

What, a personal appearance by Todd Nauck isn't enough Christmas cheer for you?  O.K., fine, Mr. Scrooge — try this on for size:

There will be no shipping delays this holiday season!

That's right:  The next two Wednesdays will remain comic-filled and joyous, as you've come to love 'em.  Barring a snowstorm or natural disaster, new comics will arrive on time.

Comic Club Holiday Party

The H&D Comic Club is taking a month off from graphic novels.

As loyal Dragon's Breath readers know, the HDCC meets once a month to discuss a new or classic graphic novel.  This month, however, every one of our members is up to his or her ears in yuletide preparations, so we've decided to go easy on 'em — instead of a discussion meeting, we're having a holiday party!

Our second annual holiday party will be held in the H&D Game room on Thursday, December 30 at 8:00pm.  (This is one hour after closing, so be sure to knock on the door.  Don't worry; there's no secret password for you to memorize.)

Non-members are also invited to stop by and visit with us.  Meet the Comic Club, talk about your favorite books, learn about the benefits of membership, and help us usher in a new year for comics in Columbia, South Carolina.


Watch your inboxes for an e-mail from Chad at the beginning of next week!

Also:  If you're planning to bring food, drink, or entertainment, please send Chad an e-mail as soon as possible so he can coordinate our efforts.  Thanks!

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For those of you using the Previews archive, we've created a new section for the 2004 Previews text files.

Happy ordering!



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