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Since its creation as "Nomad Comics" in 1982, Heroes & Dragons has sought to build a reputation based on two simple principles:  customer service and great selection.  Even now, on the cusp of the 21st Century, we still believe that these two qualities, hand in hand, are the key to retail success.

Of course, we sell a lot more than just comic books now.  Our main storefront has expanded into a 12,000-square-foot Mega-Store, where we carry collectibles and pop culture items of all types.

Over the next several months, expect to see more and more of those collectible items surface here in the Online Store.  At the outset, we've included a list of high-grade Golden and Silver Age comic books -- with more to come! -- but we'll be adding merchandise lines as quickly as we can.

Until our shopping cart is set up, please use the "Search" feature at left to browse our catalog.  When you find something you like, just drag its stock number into the left-hand column, fill-out the form, and click "Submit" -- then you can experience our selection and customer service firsthand!

Like all web sites, our site is constantly in development.  If you have suggestions or comments about the Online Store -- or requests for material you'd like us to include -- please submit them here:

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