Question of the Week

RE: HTML Format for Dragon's Breath

We need your input on the new HTML format for our newsletter, Dragon's Breath.  Please answer these three questions to help us out.
Does the newsletter display properly in your e-mail reader?
(I.e., does it look exactly like it does when you view it online in our Archive?)

Yep, it looks exactly like the online version.
It's mostly the same, but there are some minor differences like hyperlink colors and background colors.
There are colors and images in my newsletter, but it looks nothing like the one online.
Mine is all-text gibberish, but I see the link to the online version in the first few lines.
It's complete text-only gibberish.  I can't make heads or tails of it.

What program do you use to read your e-mail?

America Online Mail Reader

Netscape Mail

Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook


Online E-Mail Service

Other E-Mail Software/Service: 

What operating system do you use?


Mac O/S


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