Question of the Week

RE: "New This Week"

New This Week is always a popular feature of our web site.  Before we make any changes, we'd like to hear your opinion. 
Would you like to receive the "New This Week" list by e-mail every week?

YES.  I'd like to see the list as a regular feature in the Dragon's Breath newsletter.
YES, but not in Dragon's Breath.  I'd rather receive a separate e-mail with the "New This Week" list.
NO, I'd rather view the list on my own at the web site.
NO, I don't really care to see the list.

Do you want to see cover scans return to the "New This Week" page?

YES, they were my favorite part of "New This Week"!
Yes.  I like looking at them, but I could live without them.
Nah, I don't really care to look at the covers.

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