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RE: Dragon's Breath Newsletter Archive

We have copies of our Dragon's Breath newsletter dating back to December 1999, but we've never gotten around to posting them in our Archive.  We'd like to make these issues available, but we want to gauge your interest in them to help us prioritize the work.
How interested are you in seeing previous volumes of Dragon's Breath (Volume 5 and Volume 6, from 1999-2001) added to our Newsletter Archive

DO IT SOON!  I'd like to be able to read as many back issues of Dragon's Breath as possible.
DO IT WHEN YOU CAN.  I'd like to have access to a few of the old features I've seen in Dragon's Breath, but it won't break my heart if you don't post them.
DO IT WHENEVER.  It would be nice to have old volumes of Dragon's Breath archived on the site, but I doubt I'd ever read the old issues.
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.  The past is past, and I have no interest in reading old issues of Dragon's Breath.

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