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Call for Suggestions


We're still looking at the site and trying to come up with ways to improve our overall appearance.  If you have suggestions, now's the time to send them!

We've let the site go unattended (except our our regular features, like New This Week and Subscriber Tools) for a couple of weeks now.  That should start to change in the next couple of weeks, as we begin cleaning and moving new content onto the site.

Among our plans:

  • Bring back the "Comic Books for Sale" section

  • Provide more interactive site searching

  • Clean the place up and give you a fresher look to enjoy when you visit us online

Time for March PREVIEWS Orders

We've posted the PREVIEWS text catalog and ordering tools for March 2003.  Remember:  Items ordered from this PREVIEWS are scheduled to ship in May.

Orders from this PREVIEWS are due by midnight on Saturday, March 15!

Recent Updates

New This Week
updated March 13

  • New comic covers are posted for the week of Wednesday, March 19.  Click on through to view the complete list of what we expect to receive.

Subscription Program
updated March 6

  • Orders from the March issue of PREVIEWS are due by midnight on Saturday, March 15!

Coming Events
updated March 6

  • Look for more events to be posted this month.

Dragon's Breath
updated January 14

News & Features
no recent updates

  • Those Halloween 2002 photos really are coming soon!  Thanks for your patience.

About Us
no recent updates

  • Stay tuned.

Comic Books for Sale
no recent updates

  • Look for more news in the spring.

Customer Service
no recent updates

  • ... but lots of great information.