Heroes & Dragons has the largest and most diverse selection of comic books in South Carolina. We have so many comics we have to call them by different names to keep them all straight. Don't despair, though! Once you've read this description of all the comics we have in stock, you'll know the terms even better than we do. (We've even put 'em in boldface type for ya!)

New Releases are on sale weekly at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday mornings. You can find them in our "New Comic Alley", as we like to call it.

For books that have already been on sale one week or more, genre sections such as Marvel, DC, Image, Star Wars, Media, Japanese Manga, Vertigo, Small Press, and Top 150 Graphic Novels make it easy for you to find the issues you want. Also, we have lots of currently-in-print graphic novels in each genre section. Generally, we keep all titles in stock and on the shelf for about three months , so if you haven't been in recently you still have a shot at getting what you want to read. A lot of small press books are kept in stock indefinitely.

We carry most of the graphic novels and trade paperbacks currently available from Diamond's Star System and other distributors. You'll find these on our "Wall of Graphic Novels".

Back issues are our specialty, and Heroes & Dragons has over a half a million of them. We have comics ranging from 3 for $1.00 to rare collector's items. Our distinctive and unigue approach to offering back issues for every type of customer--from the casual reader to the high-dollar investor--has caused us to offer several different inventories. Also, our recent expansion of the back issue department to triple it's former size allows us to display much more than previously was possible.

The Rare Comics are partially located on the store floor. This inventory is rotated between the store, conventions and mail-order (including our web collectors gallery) so approximately 1/4 the stock is on display at any given time. The rotation is more or less monthly. Please call ahead and make sure a qualified staff member is available to show you books not on display. Depending on the amount of recent purchases and sales, we may also have an accurate computer inventory listing of these items

For more information, e-mail us at [email protected].

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