Friday, January 3 - Friday, January 10


except new comics

What more do you need to know?
Well, OK, just a couple of things:


All week long, from
Friday, January 3 to Friday, January 10
          ... during regular store hours

(Please see our note about new store hours!)



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MAIL-ORDER customers can take advantage of the savings, too!  Submit your order ANYTIME during the week of the sale (Eastern Time, of course), and we'll apply the sale automatically to your purchases! *

As always, discounts DO NOT apply to anything on hold, and if you have a pre-existing subscriber discount greater than the sale price, you'll get the benefit of your higher discount.

* Sale prices do not apply to items listed in the "Comic Books for Sale" or "Other Items for Sale" categories on the web site, nor to items up for auction on eBay.  Also, sale prices do not apply to items marked "NO DISC" or "MAX DISC" in the store.  All mail-order requests MUST be received by midnight on Friday, January 10 to qualify for 50% discount.