501st Legion of Stormtroopers Profiled in STAR WARS INSIDER

Issue # 58 on sale now at Heroes and Dragons

You've seen us cavorting with legions of Imperial Stormtroopers at comics shows, right?  You know the drill — Chad's traipsing around in chains behind an armed Trooper and maybe a Boba Fett or two, while I'm snapping photos for the web site.

Well, most of those photos owe their existence to Al Johnson of the 501st Legion — a group of STAR WARS fans who've combined their love of the movies with a skill and passion for making costumes.  Al is the founder of the 501st, and he has an article/interview appearing in STAR WARS INSIDER # 58, on sale now.

Here's what Al had to say about the article and his involvement with the 501st and its Southern Garrison:



Five years ago, I started a STAR WARS costuming fan club celebrating the Imperial Stormtroopers. It began with my buying a set of Stormtrooper armor and "trooping" right here in Columbia during the re-release of the SPECIAL EDITION films.  In fact, my second outing was at the Heroes and Dragons store, standing alongside a Lucasfilm Vader costume!

What began as a humble web page for fellow troopers to post pictures of their armor has gradually mushroomed into a worldwide costuming organization that now comprises 13 countries and over 500 members!  The Fighting 501st Legion has been involved in charity work, fan films, sci-fi conventions, celebrity appearances, theater premieres, and toy shows.

In 2000, Dave Prowse — the man behind the mask of Darth Vader — officially accepted the position of Honorary Leader of the 501st Legion.

This May, we have been invited to Lucasfilm's Star Wars Celebration II in Indianapolis, where we will appear at every entrance to the convention as badge-checking security — in-costume!

It's been quite a ride, and we've made plenty of friends.

Our greatest achievement to date is the upcoming article on our club in the next issue of STAR WARS INSIDER coming out February 5!

And it all started at Heroes and Dragons — Imagine that!

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