A Pictorial Guide to Mega-Con 2000
A Travelogue of Our Convention-Going Experience

Text and Photos by SCOTT SIMMONS

We arrived at Mega-Con early on Thursday for set-up of our massive 2-booth "virtual store."  By Friday morning, we were ready for guests.  Rare collectibles were on the left side of the booth, and our popular dollar comics were on the right.



The H&D booth was located directly across from CrossGen Comics.  In case you've been living in the Mojave Desert without cable television or WIZARD magazine, CrossGen is this summer's hottest new comics company.  Pictured above are Don Hillsman (left) and Jim Cheung (right), the art team from SCION.

At right,
Giselle drops by the CrossGen booth to promote MYSTIC, written by Ron Marz with art by Brandon Peterson and John Dell.

Where else can you find Harlan & Susan Ellison shopping alongside '60s TV icon Batman?

At left, Fletcher Chu-Fong, our rep from DC Comics, greets fans in his secret identity as Backlist Lad.

Philanthropist that he is, Fletch invited us to dinner with DC heavy hitters
Matt Idelson, Karl Kesel, and Mike Carlin (below) on Friday night.

We all know the POWERPUFF GIRLS are pop culture phenomena, but do Buttercup and the Professor really think they stand a chance in a brawl with Cyclops, who'll be appearing on the big screen in this summer's X-MEN feature film?

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