In the tradition of our popular Mega-Con 2000 Pictorial, it's ...

A Pictorial Guide to Motor City Comic Con 2000
Friday-Sunday, May 19-21, 2000

Text and Photos by SCOTT SIMMONS

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LEFT: The Motor City ticket booth at one of its slower periods on Friday afternoon.

RIGHT: Chris (left) wasted no time getting out on the convention floor to shop for Golden & Silver Age books for the store.

The H&D booth always gets interesting visitors at conventions.  LEFT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo tries hard for a comeback.

RIGHT: I'm sorry, but we're not doing many trades at this show.  I'll gladly take a credit card ... .

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LEFT: Chad becomes our first prisoner of war at Motor City.  It took 7 issues of DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU to negotiate his release.

RIGHT: Mini-comics guru Matt Feazell has a simple, one-table booth chock-full of goodies.  What else would you expect from the creator of CYNICALMAN?

Among the earliest guests to arrive was The Cardinal, super-heroic (?) mascot of Alpha-Omega.  The Cardinal stood watch throughout the show, inviting aspiring creators to contribute to Alpha-Omega's fanzine.  (For those not in the know, A-O is an amateur press association, or a.p.a., for Christian comics strips and creators.)

LEFT: When a scheduling snafu left one of the meeting halls empty, Larry Niven (left) and Tom DeFalco gave an impromptu writing seminar.

RIGHT: VAMPIRELLA's Dorian Cleavenger shows off paintings from a wide variety of genres.

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LEFT: Brian Michael Bendis - "Look, if you don't put down that camera, I'm going to do something straight out of GOLDFISH, page 17."

RIGHT: Dan Brereton proves a little easier to slip up on.

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LEFT: Sure, I think you'd make a great 12" figure, but people are more interested in the classic characters right now.  Give it time.

RIGHT: A delightful study in duality from one of Motor City's many costumed couples.

LEFT: Tommy Lee Edwards takes a break from sketching ...

RIGHT: ... while Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) director Chris Oarr catches up on his reading.  Whether he's reading comics shorts or legal briefs is anyone's guess. 

CBLDFOarrChris.jpg (65549 bytes)

LEFT:  "By authority of the emperor, I order you to put down that camera."

RIGHT: The Team Rocket kids stopped by our booth and tried to fight us with evil versions of our own Pokémon.  Lucky for us, Pikachu had returned from his visit to the Chaos! Comics booth ... .

LEFT: All-time world heavyweight champion of inkers Terry Austin dropped by the booth to say "hi" and look for some key issues.

RIGHT: Always in the market for a good deal, Steve Lauterbach (left) of Investment Collectibles and Ed Jaster of Jaster Collectibles couldn't resist eyeballing the goodies and checking the OVERSTREET for prices.