San Diego 2002 Pictures

The Heroes and Dragons Booth ...

booth 04.jpg (147489 bytes) We're really pleased with the new look for our convention booth!  Look for it on the road at more shows in late 2002 and 2003!
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Upcoming Items from DC Direct ...

Check out a handful of DC Direct photos from this year's Comic-Con International!
DC Direct 02 bad.jpg (27331 bytes) Look!
BIRDS OF PREY tie-ins!
DC Direct 03.jpg (154068 bytes)
DC Direct 01.jpg (191672 bytes) More Li'l Endless!
And a ton of new Pocket Heroes!
DC Direct 08.jpg (252345 bytes) DC Direct 09.jpg (239973 bytes)
And a couple of new Superman figures! DC Direct 07.jpg (171132 bytes)
DC Direct 05.jpg (156937 bytes)
New SUPER FRIENDS maquettes!
DC Direct 06.jpg (135842 bytes)

G.I. Joe's Baroness
Costume design and construction by Columbia's own Scollon Studio,
the folks who made our custom Spider-Man in-store display!

GIJoe Baroness 07.jpg (72351 bytes)

Great costuming work by John Riddle and Harold Hirsch of Scollon — the same guys who designed and constructed our in-store Spider-Man display!

And check out the great "action figure card" backdrop for the booth!

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GIJoe Baroness 06.jpg (82349 bytes)
GIJoe Baroness 01.jpg (56250 bytes)
GIJoe Baroness 04.jpg (85890 bytes) GIJoe Baroness 08.jpg (84211 bytes)