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The Official Newsletter of Heroes and Dragons


Issue # 8.7 July 6, 2003


H&D Staff Updates

Our new Back Issue Manager John is settling in nicely.  While we don't have photos of John yet, his bio is now posted in the About Us section of

Our new Comics Manager Tug spent the week looking through your e-mails and learning the ins and outs of the subscription system.  We're excited about him taking over the reigns of new comics, and we hope you will be too.

And we're pleased to announce that Chad is staying with us on a part-time basis.  Not only will Chad be moderating the H&D Comic Club, but he'll also be working the front counter of the store from 6pm to 9pm on Wednesday nights.  So relax, Wednesday customers you'll still get a regular dose of Chad.

Remember:  If you want to contact any of our staff, all you have to do is visit the About Us section of, click on the staffer's profile, and scroll to the bottom of the page.  You'll find a handy contact form for each of us.

Comic Club Meets This Thursday

Because of the Independence Day holiday, H&D Comic Club is meeting a week later than normal.  Instead of the first Thursday of the month, we're meeting this month on Thursday, July 10.

That gives you an extra week to finish reading July's graphic novel of the month, Astro City: Life in the Big City.

In case you don't know, memberships in the Comic Club cost only $20 per year, and they entitle you to 20% off all graphic novels, hardcovers, and trade paperbacks.

Learn more about Comic Club ...

Reminder: Previews Orders Due July 12

Subscribers, take note!

Orders from the current issue of Previews ("The Comic Shop's Catalog") are due by midnight on Saturday, July 12.

Subscribers can submit their Previews orders at this page on our web site.

Non-subscribers can start a subscription at this page.

In the News

Mark Millar and Rob Liefeld's long-awaited Youngblood: Bloodsport is coming out in July or so they claim.  Youngblood: Genesis will also arrive in stores this summer (or so they claim) with a script by newcomer Brandon Thomasmore from Liefeld and more from Millar with a little something from Thomas

Shelly Roeberg Bond is the new group editor for DC's Vertigo line of titles.  Meanwhile, Peter Tomasi has been promoted to DC Universe senior editor.  more

Marvel's Epic imprint seems to have lost interest in publishing creator-owned concepts.  more  

Comics innovator Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, Zot!) has posted the first of three chapters of a new series on his web site.  The series is called The Right Number, and the first chapter is available digitally for only 25.  more

The New York Post is the first major U.S. newspaper to join The Guardian and The Daily Mail in reporting on Princess Diana future appearances in X-Statixmore

Once again, if anyone can clarify how this relates to the laws of fair use and celebrity likenesses used without permission, please e-mail us.  We want the legal skinny.  (I know you lawyers out there read your Dragon's Breath.  Come on, give us some dirt, and I'll plaster your firm's name all over this newsletter for a month!)

Marvel Comics has cancelled orders for 411 # 3.  No word on whether they'll go ahead with the proposed trade paperback, which would presumably include the unpublished # 3 issue.  more

Comics Buyer's Guide senior editor John Jackson Miller is the new writer on Iron Manmore

Based on issues # 1 and # 2, Marvel Comics has changed the content rating on the Phoenix: Legacy of Fire mini-series from PG+ to PARENTAL ADVISORY (the same rating given to the MAX books).  more

TokyoPop has announced several new manga titles, the earliest beginning in October.  Cyborg 009 will launch a new "vintage manga" line from TokyoPop.  more

ADV Films is also launching a line of manga comics, including Cat Girl Nuku Nuku and Najicamore

Bob Gale (Batman, Back to the Future) will write the script for CrossGen's animated Meridian feature film.  more

Derek Hess's original cover paintings for Captain America: Dead Men Running #1-3 have been stolen.  If you have any information, please e-mail [email protected].  There is a $1,000 reward.  more 

Dreamwave's 6-issue Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover, set during World War II, won't have any Nazis, imperial Japanese, or Allied Powers in it.  more

The Silver Surfer is back in a new ongoing series at the end of July.  more

British Columbia librarian Kirsten Anderson is urging Canadian libraries to carry more comics and graphic novels.  more

Friends of Lulu will publish an anthology of comics by women titled Broad Appeal.  Advance copies will be available at Comic-Con International in San Diego.  more 

Udon Studios has CapCom's Street Fighter license and has launched a web site to promote their upcoming Street Fighter projects.  more

Prism Comics will launch a new line of titles for (and by) homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered comic fans.  The line will debut with PRISM: Your LGBT Guide to Comics at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego.  more

The Scoop newsletter celebrated the Fourth of July with classic Captain Marvel covers.  more


Will Superboy stay with the new Teen Titans, or should he fly off to the 31st Century to join the Legion of Super-Heroes?  Our vote's for the Legion, who are losing pretty badly right now.  Help us turn the tide, loyal Dragon's Breath readers!  Let's see a Superboy back in the Legion!  Vote now at (even if you aren't going to vote for the Legion)

Think you've figured out the identity of "Hush" from the current Batman story by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee?  We have, and we entered the "Hush" contest at DC's web site.  To keep us from winning all the cool prizes, enter now.


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) has named Mile High Comics president Chuck Rozanski its 2003 Defender of Libertymore


Superman won't be such a pushover in the second season of Cartoon Network's Justice League.  The season kicked off this Saturday with the much-anticipated episode "Twilight," which marks the Man of Steel's first encounter with Darkseid since the final episode of Superman: The Animated Seriesmore

In this week's weirdest news, someone in New York City is stealing promo posters for the upcoming Teen Titans series on Cartoon Network.  If this is gang-related (as someone has suggested), that's just weird.  C'mon, if anyone knows the real scoop on this, please let us in on the joke.  We won't turn anyone in.  Promise.  more

Comics Continuum's Rob Allstetter has posted some images and news about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film.  more

Is the "Rodney Skinner" character a replacement for Campion Bond?  And if so, will be he be an allusion to The X-Files as Campion was to Ian Fleming's Agent 007?  If you know, e-mail us.

ADV Films has plans for a 24-hour anime channel, to be called the Anime Networkmore

The complete Battlestar Galactica is coming to DVD on October 21.  more


Steve Rude's new series The Moth will be published by Dark Horse instead of Image.  Apparently Marvel Comics is unhappy with the Moth's logo, which resembles the Punisher's trademarked skull.  more

Marvel's Spider-Man suit against Sony continues, with the publisher now filing a new claim against the Sony Electronics division.  The claim alleges that Sony Electronics refused licensing opportunities and interfered with Marvel's ability to profit from the Spider-Man movie.  more


Coming Events

Lord of the Rings CCG League meets this Tuesday, July 8 at 4:00pm.

Because of the Independence Day holiday, H&D Comic Club will meet this Thursday, July 10 at 7:30pm.  (The meeting is after store hours; someone will meet you at the front door to let you in.) 

Site to See

What are Mini-Mocks?  They're short mockeries of your favorite pop culture icons created by the web site  They're also our Site to See for this week:'s Mini-Mocks

A big thanks to Dragon's Breath reader Greg Sommers, who turned us on to these with a link to "Action Figure Aberration."

Question of the Week

We expect "Question of the Week" to return on July 13.

With two new full-time staffers, our webmaster is doing more in-store training that site updates.  Since there won't be any major site maintenance during this period, we're holding off on our next couple of Questions of the Week.

This feature will return when we've caught up on our current projects.



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