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GIANT IN-STORE CONVENTION Saturday 10am to 4pm

bigger-than-usual savings this weekend

Free Comic Book Day is behind us, but that doesn't mean we've stopped celebrating.

This Saturday, Heroes and Dragons celebrates the semi-official end of our "moving-in period" with an in-store convention the likes of which Columbia hasn't seen in years!

The event runs for just six hours tomorrow from 10am to 4pm and here's a sample of what you'll find:

  • Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age comics from 20-40% OFF

  • An incredible selection of high-grade investment comics Marvels, DCs, Timelys, Fawcetts, and more that have never before been seen in the Mega-Store

  • Toys on sale

  • Blowout prices on many rare statues and collectibles

  • New Arrivals to the $2, $5, and $10 comic stocks

  • Plus 5,000 new magazines!

We know that's a lot of cool stuff to look through but while you're shopping, don't forget to glance up at the ceiling (and walls) to check out our new decor!

june is superman month at the dragon

Have you seen the full-length trailer for Superman Returns yet?

If not, click this link and check it out now:
(Go ahead.  We'll wait 'til you're done.)

To celebrate the release of the new movie, H&D Comic Club is hosting a free screening of Superman II on Thursday, June 22 in our Game Room.

Although this is a Comic Club event, it is open to the general public.  If you're not a member of Comic Club but would like to attend the screening, please RSVP to Chad at [email protected] to reserve your space.  We hope to have enough seats for everyone, but we do need to hear from you if you plan to attend!

By the way, this will be a great opportunity to meet our Comic Club members and find out what the Club is all about.  It's still the Best Kept Secret in Columbia when it comes to comic books!

new store hours

Starting next week, we'll be keeping new store hours:

  Monday to Friday   10:00am to 7:00pm
  Saturday   10:00am to 9:00pm
  Sunday   Noon to 7:00pm

The major change?  We'll no longer be open late on New Comics Day (Wednesday) so make a note!



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