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Tired of Missing Issues of Your Favorite Comics? We've Got the Solution!

Not everyone lives near a great comics store.  But thanks to the magic of the internet, H&D can become your local store with just a few clicks of the mouse no matter where you live.  Here's how it works:

Monthly Invoices We invoice and ship subscription orders at the beginning of each month.  As soon as we receive a new issue of Diamond's Previews catalog, we ship out packages giving our customers the most time to go through the catalog and place orders from it.

[We highly recommend that you add Previews to your sub.  For only $3.95/month, you'll know exactly what comics are coming and which ones are available for re-order.]

Subscribers receive an e-mail invoice each month, listing their current orders.  They have a couple of days to verify the charges, alert us if there are any mistakes or additions, then we charge their credit card on file and ship their monthly package of comics.

Worldwide Service Whether you live in our home city of Columbia, South Carolina or some exotic locale like Burkino Fasa, we'll make sure you get all the issues of your favorite comic.

We ship all domestic packages via UPS and all international packages via the U.S. Post Office.  (Canadian customers may choose UPS or Post Office for their shipments.)  The average cost of a domestic monthly comics shipment is $8.00 (including insurance and delivery confirmation).

Very Few Commitments You may cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.

You may add or drop titles (except one-time special orders that are already on the way) at your discretion.

Your subscription is active as long as you have one regular title on your list.  (There are no minimums!)

Back Issue Discount All subscribers receive a special discount on back issues, based on the number of titles on their sub:
1-24 titles per month 30% OFF back issues
25-49 titles per month 40% OFF back issues
50+ titles per month 50% OFF back issues

Please Note:  Discounts do not apply to $1.00 comics they are $1.00 for everyone and may not apply to items listed on the web site.   If we have a sale, subscribers always get the benefit of the higher discount.

Online Tools & Support

You can view catalogs, add or drop titles from your subscription, and submit Previews orders right here on the web site.

The one thing you can't do is view and change your sub list in real-time.  We wish you could, but our tracking technology just isn't that compatible with the web.  (Don't worry.  You can always request a copy of your sub via e-mail.)

Guarantee of Privacy

Any information you supply (name, address, phone number, credit card number) is exclusively for the use of Heroes & Dragons.

We will not share this information with outside agencies
or sell your name to any mailings lists.


Rules & Terms

You can view our complete Rules & Terms here.


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