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updated September 26, 2000

Our back issue manager Matt sits down with a stack of comics -- including EAGLE vol. 7, PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN # 23, and LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE # 34 (part 2 of the Hal Jordan/Spectre story).

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updated August 29, 2000

Sit down with Trescha and check out MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO and PET SHOP OF HORRORS in this month's anime review column!

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updated October 20, 2000

H&D is pleased to welcome aboard Christopher Lawrence of as our official INCREDIBLE HULK reviewer!  Read his review of INCREDIBLE HULK # 21, the "Maximum Security" tie-in, here

updated in March 2000

Ben, our games manager, provides a brief introduction to the world of fantasy gaming.  Don't know the difference between an RPG and a CCG?  Start here!

updated in December 1999

Mike Robinson sits down with Marvel Comics legend Roy Thomas!

More interviews are on the way soon -- really!

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