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Tired of Missing the Latest and Greatest
Comics to Hit the Shelves?

If you live in the Columbia area and can make it to Heroes & Dragons at least once a month, we may have the solution to your problems. Like many retail stores, we offer a subscription program that allows you to reserve comics and new merchandise as soon as they are offered through our distributors. Better yet, there is NO CHARGE for this service, and you may even qualify for a discount! What’s the catch? Only one: You must live near enough to our Columbia, SC, Mega-Store to pick up your comics at least ONCE PER MONTH. If you DO live in the area, read on for all the rules and benefits of having a Heroes & Dragons subscription.


1. All subscription customers must READ and SIGN a copy of the subscription rules before opening a folder. To pick up a hard copy of the rules, just ask at the front counter of the Heroes & Dragons Mega-Store. The rules sheet also has a list of the hottest titles currently available and a place for you to provide your NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER.

2. Please bear in mind that all titles on your list are ordered specifically FOR YOU. As a courtesy, we ask that you please purchase all items that reach your folder. Please do not return items to the shelf.
(Inability to comply with this request will result in a loss of any discounts and possible cancellation.)  

3. You may cancel your subscription at any time for any reason. We do ask, however, that you purchase all items that reach your folder. Bear in mind that all items on your list are ordered specifically for YOU, and we ask that you please purchase any items we already have on order for you at the time you cancel a subscription.

4. There are no minimums! You may add or drop titles (except one-time special orders that have already been placed) at your discretion. Your subscription is active as long as you have ONE regular title on your list.

5. Subscription customers must pick up their orders at least ONCE PER MONTH or face cancellation. In special circumstances, arrangements may be made for extensions beyond our 30-day deadline; for details, please contact Brett at (803) 731-4376 Monday to Friday.

6. The more comics you read, the more money you save. If you subscribe to 25 or more titles in a given month, our computer will automatically give you a 10% discount on all new comics. If you subscribe to 50 or more titles, you automatically receive a 20% discount! (Qualifying customers must empty out their folders each visit to receive their discount.)

7. We now offer a new automatic charge service! If you choose, merely provide us with a valid credit card number (VISA/Mastercard/Discover), and we will automatically charge your monthly titles and special orders to your account as they arrive. With this service, you no longer have to wait in line to pay; just pick up your orders at the front register, and you’re on your way home to read comics! Plus: Because your items are charged to you automatically, we will gladly hold books beyond our 30-day hold deadline. (This is the perfect service for customers who cannot come in regularly to pick up their orders.)

8. Any information you supply (name, address, phone number, credit card number) is EXCLUSIVELY for the use of Heroes & Dragons. We will not share this information with outside agencies or sell your name to any mailings lists.


We're Hard at Work Developing
an Online Version of the Subscriber Program
For Those Who Live Outside South Carolina!

Stay Tuned for Details!