August 7, 2003 Meeting

Sin City (Volume 1)
by Frank Miller

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Last month, Comic Club soared among the heroes and legends of Astro City.  This month we come back to earth, with a very different fictional destination.

Sin City is a vicious town, hot and unforgiving during the summer.  It offers no comfort or succor to its residents, only a faint hope for survival and in some cases, survival is worse than the alternative.

Into this world of commonplace brutality, Frank Miller introduces Marv as calloused and jaded as the City itself, until a chance meeting with a damned woman gives him purpose.  It may be a stupid, wrong-headed purpose (as Marv admits), but it's the only thing he ever had to live for in Sin City.  And a lot of other people will die because of it.

Told in stark black-and-white, Sin City is a punch in the gut to modern comics readers.  There are no inspirational moments or happy endings here only a relentless brutality that somehow manages to affirm the value of life.

Read this ground-breaking graphic novel and tell us what you think.  It will be the subject of discussion at the next monthly meeting of H&D Comic Club on Thursday, August 7.  Regular price is $19.95, but Comic Club members will save 20%, just as they do with every graphic novel purchase.

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