November 13, 2003 Meeting

Batman: Arkham Asylum
by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean

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Due to a last-minute production delay, Sgt. Rock: Hell and a Hard Place will not arrive in time for the November meeting of Comic Club.  So instead, we're reading Batman: Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean.

This 1989 graphic novel was originally release in the wake of Tim Burton's Batman movie.  Following a summer full of Batman projects, Arkham Asylum went places no super-hero graphic novel had gone examining the richest psychological implications of the Batman myth through a complex architectural metaphor.  The structure of the story evokes the hallways, cellars, and unkempt closets of the Asylum and of the inmates who inhabit it.

Dave McKean has since said that Arkham Asylum is too ambitious, that the character of Batman can't support the psychological horror of mental illness.

Was McKean right?  Was Arkham Asylum ahead of its time, or was it just a misguided attempt to make Batman "relevant"?

You make the call at the next meeting of Heroes and Dragons Comic Club 7:30pm on Thursday, November 13.  Yep, we're meeting the second Thursday of the month in November mark it on your calendar!

Batman: Arkham Asylum has a retail price of $14.95, but card-carrying HDCC members can pick it up for only $11.96.

Comic Club members save 20% on all graphic novel purchases at H&D!

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