December 4, 2003 Meeting

Kingdom Come
by Mark Waid and Alex Ross

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Heroes and Dragons Comic Club invites all non-members to join us for our next meeting, when we discuss one of the most popular (and most important?) works of the last ten years Kingdom Come.

Originally published as a four-issue Prestige Format mini-series from DC Comics, Kingdom Come cemented the careers of superstar writer Mark Waid and even-more-superstar artist Alex Ross.

Despite overwhelming pre-release hype, Kingdom Come lived up to fan expectations.  Waid's story delivers a super-hero apocalypse starring the genre's most beloved characters Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel and Ross's painterly realism creates a tableaux of fantastic deeds and mythic battles.

Kingdom Come re-examines the super-hero genre at its very end, and reminds us of the secret world most comic book fans discovered as children the world of super-heroes.

Is Kingdom Come the last word on super-heroes?  Or is it an overrated coffee-table book?  Bring your opinions and insights to our next meeting, on Thursday, December 4 and find out why HDCC is Columbia's best kept secret!

Kingdom Come has a retail price of $14.95, but card-carrying HDCC members can pick it up for only $11.96.

Comic Club members save 20% on all graphic novel purchases at H&D!

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