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April 8, 2004 Meeting

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction
by Mike Mignola & John Byrne

Hellboy: The Corpse
by Mike Mignola

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It may be the most unlikely comic-book-to-film adaptation of them all, but Mike Mignola's Hellboy is making the leap to the silver screen this month just in time for Comic Club!

To celebrate the monstrous anti-hero's success, H&D Comic Club is reading the first Hellboy tale (and basis for the story of the film), Seed of Destruction.  We'll also be reading The Corpse, a one-shot story widely acknowledged as one of Mignola's best Hellboy tales, when Dark Horse reprints it later this month.  (Members, take note:  The Corpse one-shot is now scheduled to arrive at H&D on March 24.)

Comic Club will meet to discuss Hellboy at 7:30pm on Thursday, April 8 in the H&D Game Room.  We're meeting on the second Thursday of the month to give everyone a chance to see the Hellboy movie, which opens in local theaters on April 2.

Plans are underway to line up a Comic Club screening of the film.  We'll keep members posted on the date and time.


Hellboy: Seed of Destruction is available at Heroes and Dragons now, with a retail price of $17.95.  (Comic Club members pay only $14.36 when they show their membership cards at the counter.)

Hellboy: The Corpse is expected to arrive at H&D on Wednesday, March 24 and carries a retail price of only 25.  (Sorry, but even Comic Club members will have to pay the full 25!)

Hellboy opens in local theaters on Friday, April 2.

Comic Club members save 20% on all graphic novel purchases at H&D!

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